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Saturday, November 26, 2005

   life sucks
*sighs* my life is going to hell. seriously. everything bad that could possibly happen is happening. i just found out that my uncle was working under a car but then the car fell on him and hes in the hospital and hes having alot of trouble breathing. also i was planning to go to my girlfriends house today but i couldnt because something happened over there and she says she has no life for six months and she couldnt tell me what happened because she had to go.and she said she cant talk to me untill monday at school. so im really worried. and now my parents are going against me for everything i say and want. ugh. i cant wait untill i get a car so i can go places for awhile. oh ya. ive decided to use my page as an information page so if you have upcoming competitions or information you want to share with people just tell me and ill post the info on my site. or if you want to post an add for a club your welcome to. but anyways..... ya.....PM me the info...
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