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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello everyone, how have you all been? I finally came back; I hate leaving and coming back. Well Iíve been very busy lately; I have had school, ACT, SAT, CST, AP Test, and then homework and projects.

Anyways, enough of that; recently, I went to this college fair and I found three schools that I really want to go to. The problem is they are all out of the country. Two of them are in Canada, and the other is in Japan. The recruiters were so nice, and helpful, they showed me how the campus looked, and even answered all my questions, I really liked it. The best this is, that they are actually cheaper than the UC Universities here. I mean the cost to get there might come close, but it doesnít pass it.

Recently, I started walking home (my mom doesnít know though), and things have been very weird. My mom always gives me money to take the bus after school because itís two miles away from home, but I get home later then when I walk, also I donít have much exercise anymore because I donít have P.E anymore. The other day I was walking, and there were a bunch of guys just whistling at me, and I wanted to say something, but I was nowhere near home, so if something happened, Iíd have no place to run to. I hate pervert, I wish I was a guy and I would defend all my girlfriends, when my friends and I walk, there are even cars that honk at us. My friend just flicks them off, I could never do that; Iíd be too scared.

I havenít been watching a lot of anime lately, but a while ago I saw a video of Code Geass when Elves said it, and I was telling myself, Iíll watch it soon. I was angry that the voiceovers were bad in the English version. I like Johnny Young Bosch, but heís a sell-out it in anime voice over, I mean he did several voices, these are only the anime I watched:

Akira: The Special Edition - Kaneda Shotaro (Animaze Dub)
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad - Yuji Sakurai
Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki, Hollow Ichigo
Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie 2: The Sealed Card - Eriol Hiiragizawa
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Lelouch Lamperouge
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - Albert de Morcerf (credited as Kevin Hatcher)
Fafner of the Azure - Kazuki
Gate Keepers - Reiji Kageyama
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - J.D. [Episode 9]
Heat Guy J - Clair Leonelli
I'll CKBC - Hitonari Hiiragi
Last Exile - Claus Valca
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Itsuki Koizumi
The Melody of Oblivion - Monster King Solomon III a.k.a. Solo
Mirage of Blaze - Kotaro Fuma
Paradise Kiss - Hiroyuki Tokumori
Paranoia Agent - Yuichi Taira (credited as Kevin Hatcher)
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette - Eiri (credited as Kevin Hatcher)
Please Twins - Maiku Kamishiro
The Prince of Tennis - Shusuke Fuji
Tales of Phantasia OVA - Cress Alvein
Tenjho Tenge - Masataka Takayanagi
Trigun - Vash the Stampede
Witch Hunter Robin - Haruto Sakaki
Wolf's Rain - Kiba

Well yeah, if there is this many, image all those I havenít seen. Well I guess thatís it, Iím tired. I think I might go to bed soon, Iííl visit sites when I get home tomorrow. Have a good day!! Bye!!

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