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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I'm looking Forward to...

Well first Iíll start off with answering the questions that you all asked.

To Aya: What dramas are they from?
Lee Jun Ki has stared in many Korean dramas and movies plus one movie that was co-produced by two countries which is hardly unheard of there. The ones that Iíve seen so far were:

Virgin Snow (co-produced)- Min
The King and the Clown-Gong-gil
Fly, Daddy Fly- Dong Wan
Flying Boys- Go Seung-suk
Nonstop 4-Guest
Time Between Dog and Wolf- Lee Soo Hyun

Jiro Wang is an actor and lead singer of the all boy band, Fahrenheit (browse through my imeem list on top if you want to listen, if so listen to Xin-Wo). He has stared in the following live actions:

It Started with a Kiss- Ah Jin
Hana-Kimi (Taiwan)- Shuichi Nakatsu
I remember seeing him in pawn shop number 8 but he was a very minor character

Elves: What?! $84 to take an exam?!
Yes, it takes that much to pay, unfortunately I had to take two AP test, and if AP English werenít cancelled Iíd have to pay $ 252 (normal price). Instead I pay $10. I feel bad for the people who could afford those tests. For once I think Iím thankful being poor. ^^. Well actually itís not that bad.

Zulotoshi: Hey, What does AP stand for?
AP stands for Advance Placement. Basically anyone who has above average test scores and grades are shoved into these classes without a say in it (at least in my school). Iím pretty sure they have AP classes in India; I bet itís just named differently.

Anime Look-Alikes

Cute Little Momiji- Fruits Basket and Cute Little Hunny- Ouran High School Host Club ^^

That was long. Today and this week I had just been taking test, and our school is going to take a district test. Well itís basically a comparison between our charter school and the other charter schools in our organization.

This week our Pennies for Patients Charity begins, which I started because I think our school needs to do more for our community, just because we are poor doesn't mean we can't help.

In our English class, we have to write a persuasive essay on something that is important to us. The only exception, we canít write about our school uniforms. Iím possibly going to write about Animal Abuse. We also signed up to take the SAT. Supposedly we had our State Test and both AP Test to take in May. Iím taking the ACT on the 12th of this month and the day before that is my momís birthday. I already have what I am going to give her, itís called the Butterfly/ Hummingbird Garden It only cost $60 and it has if not Iíll get her a sewing machine.

Well I guess thatís all for today. Hope you all have a great day

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sakura-Sakura Wars Kaoru-Rurouni Kenshin

Hello everyone, I know itís been a while, like always!! Iím grateful that Jangalian was nice enough to even send me a comment. Iím still here. Iíve discovered that many MyO members have recently left, and I feel very sad about that. I just want to assure everyone that is still here, that I wonít leave like I did on my last account. I know Iíll just come back anyway despite that I do not like the new version of the website.

I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, but itís hard to express them because I wouldnít know how to word them.

My Spring Break ended yesterday, and my sisterís began today, but I wasnít able to sleep last night, so I only slept from 2-6, I wasnít tired.

I found out that both my AP exams are both on May 9th. We are lucky because we only have to pay five dollars instead of eighty-four because we have a free and reduced price application materials. I think the Spanish version is going to be easy but Iím afraid about History. One of my friends said that it was a good thing that the teacher who was going to teach our AP English class wasnít able to teach us.

I have been very addicted to many dramas and I have found my two most favorite and smexiest character!!

Lee Jun Kyi


Jiro Wang

Well, I missed MyO so I think Iíll visit the few sites that I have to visit. It might sound corny, but I missed coming to MyO. Iíll try very hard to come more often, and no matter how long Iím gone, I wonít leave without saying GoodbyeÖ well I might, but Iíll come back. Talk to you all later!! Take Care


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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Anime Look Alikes

Spike- Cowboy Bebop

Makalov- Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

Hahaha!! Iím so happy the Giants won the Superbowl!! Upset my butt!! I hate Tom Brady, and the fact that everyone thought that he would bring the Patriots to victory made their loss even sweeter I knew the Giants were going to win. My brother was going to bet, but he couldnít find any last minute bets. He could have won 12x the amount he betted too.

Last week was very stressful and emotional too. It was finals week for one, but that was the least of my worries. I passed with Bís in all my finals so I was content.

The vice principal came into our advisory/ASB class in the beginning of the week and she was attacking us. There was a leadership group that was formed by orders of the district, and they were verbally attacking us saying that they were going to "replace us". Our ASB coordinator told us all to ignore them and donít reply back. On some days we sell stuff and they were taking our customers away. We were pretty angry but we still made some money and sold out. When we discussed these issues; calmly, the vice principal was attacking us. My friend was the first to talk and he brought me up as a witness, and she started to attack me first, and then other students. Then she basically told us that we werenít even a group and we help the school when they ask us to, and the President works his ass off, and she left crying. If anything, we should have, she called us immature and was giving us crap; we were calm the whole time, and our coordinator told we did a good job stating calm.
Second I had a 43-page paper do that week and it was very tiring and stressful.
Lastly my favorite teacher, Ms. Ro decided to quit because she had problems with the office staff. She was crying and told us that dealing with our school and with her university was bringing her a lot of stress. I was crying because she understood us and she knew how to teach, she was so great all around. It was so emotional that even one of my guy friends cried, and he is a tough nut to crack. Luckily, she gave us her email so that we could all keep in touch with her.

Friday we went to the animal shelter to drop off some towels and blankets that we were collecting in school. There was a woman who told me that I should go to school abroad. I told my mom and brother about this and they said that would be a good idea. Luckily, Japan is a good and affordable country to learn to become a veterinarian.

Well Iím done for today. Iíll go and visit some sites, and then watch my RAW!


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Todays Look Alikes

Haruka- Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Sakura- Cardcaptor Sakura
I love how Elves says "They do Look Alike" lol That's the point. I think that's so awesome!!

Today went pretty well, I had all my classes, and since it was raining, ASB had to feed all the kids. Kids sure want to eat when your stuck in a classroom and there is nothing to do. What sucked the most was that I was hungry.

After school I turned in my journalism paper and I headed for soccer practice. we have a game Friday so I'm working hard for the game. I actually made to goals, but I wont let that bother me.

My English teacher wasn't here today, and my 9th grade Biology teacher was a substitute. I like how she cares for us. We have an analytical paper and most of the kids read books about the gang life and overcoming poverty and addiction. She was telling us that we can't relate because we live it everyday, and we don't notice that we actually do relate.

Things like that make me want to do better and prove the rest of the world who thinks I can't succeed wrong.

Well, I'm considered a "lesbian" after I commented how adorable my friend looked... people are very homophobic. I didn't care but I thought it was very dumb. I think that's it, the only thing that I want to say is that Tom Brady is possibly a faker with his "broken leg"

Take Care Everyone, I'll check sites after I complete my homework, because I can stay here for hours.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today's Anime Look Alikes

Miyu- Vampire Princess Miyu

Miaka- Fushigi Yugi
I thought tomorrow(Tuesday) I would have a soccer game, my friend called and told me it was cancelled. I was scared because I had to turn in my Journalism paper after school and I had a meeting. My friend was pretty angry at me because I'm making life complicated, I don't think so, but I guess it might be true.

Tomorrow I have all my classes so they are dropped to atleast an hour and 20 minutes just tomorrow. I just finished watching a pretty cool episode of "American Gladiator" and I'm watching "RAW" and "Terminator" this second while finishing my homework.

Well I'm going to finish up here and go to bed. I'll be checking sites pretty soon! So talk to you all later!! Bye!!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm back once again and I'm happy to be back. How have you all been recently? I'm pretty sad right now. I just finished watching "The Amazing Race" and 2/3 three teams that I wanted to win lost. That suck that when the odds that are against something you are against and they still make it!! Damn it.
Well enough ranting. I noticed two things today:
1. "Angel Links" is a spin off to "Outlaw star" and
2. I like shonen better than shojo.
"Outlaw Star" is tied as my favorite anime along with "Trigun" and "Hellsing" and I didn't know that "Angel Links" was a spin off, I saw two minor characters as main characters and I thought that was so cool. I was looking all over for the anime. I can't find it though. If anyone does and ells me I'd really appreciate it.
Those who knew me before I deleted my old site, I would say that I love Shonen Jump...gee I wonder why...? i was telling my friends this the other day when she was talking about "Hana-Kimi" "Skip Beat" and another manga I got her for Christmas that I forgot. Well I told her a lot of the anime I liked which included anime I mentioned before as well as "Gantz", "Gundam" and "Addicted to Curry!!" It's funny though, I didn't know these were all shonen in fact; I didn't know what shonen actually meant. My friend knows what I do and what I like. So when I told her what I liked she told me that I am a guy... my friends laughed at me because we were laughing and when he said that I stopped and starred at her... I think I looked like "The Rock" doing it.
Well itís kind of true, I watch wrestling and other sports as well as play them too, I play video games, I like listening to male talk shows, my friends and I talk about guy stuff, a I even like male oriented anime. I guess just because they might be intended for guys doesnít make me guyish, but I'm not into many "girley" things.
Ehh, I don't know!!
I want to start something new on my site, if any of you have any suggestions, please PM about them! Well, what I want to star is:
My first look-alikes include two people who were on my mind since the first time I saw one another

Sokka-Avater: The Last Airbender

I'm going to visit some sites, and then read either the new book or mangas I bought yesterday. Take Care Everyone; Talk to You All Later Bye!!


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Iím pretty sure everyone heard about the crime rankings. Well I sort of feel like a liar, I thought I lived in a dangerous city, turns out we werenít even in the top 25. lol I guess thatís something to be proud of right. The city closes to us Compton but was placed on number 14. I guess itís because I wanted to be first in something, good or bad. lol I fail yet again. *sigh* I had a topic that I was all ready to postÖ but I got bored and began to type away.

A while ago, before I deleted my original account, I had told Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon(love saying it out loud by the way) that I made her a drawing, and recently told SunFallE that I drew her something. I have them both on a special folder that I had my art that I drew since the 1st grade (that long, huh?). The thing is... I misplaced it a while ago. I have still yet to have found it I am going to draw them something different since I am a bit better at drawing. Iím also going to another drawing for Christmas. Last year I didnít have a scanner when I drew something, and I want to make something for this year.
Oh my goodness, tomorrow I have to wake up early because Iím going on a field trip and I have to be there early before six-thirty in the morning. Iím already tired so I might have to sleep soon. I want to watch RAW badly though, lol.

The other day some one sent me a PM telling me that I try to hard because I give huge comments. I felt bad at first, because I thought I was, but then it occurred, I type so much because I want to share my thoughts with the person, and sound as meaningful as I can. This person didnít know him, and Iím not as mean, so I wont disclose the info, plus I deleted the message without replying, but I checked the site. He was quite popular. Iíll leave you all with a nice comic made by: Antz_the_Great in the tales Namco forums.

Other than that, I guess Iíll leave you all to do your stuff so, Take Care all

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hello All my otaku members!!! How have you all been? Itís been a month since I came to the otaku. I wasnít going to change my site, but I did something I couldnít fix so I ended up changing it. Iíve recently been caught up in drama Iíve tried so hard to avoid. But in my school, everyoneís bored, and something has to start. *Sigh* Sometimes I think men get the longer end of the stick, with their drama free life and 3 pairs of underwear for $10.

Well besides that colleges have been coming to my school and trying to convince us on what schools we should attend. I actually have 3 schools I want to attend from greatest to least

1. UC Davis
2 UC Santa Barbara
3 Western University of Health Sciences

One of my friends wants me to help her create manga, this weekend I was actually trying to help her with creating the characters, I want to show you all the characters I drew up the next time Iíll post. I donít feel as confident without being told what I need to work on from someone if that makes sense.

Speaking of drawing, I put up my first background made drawing on my fan art page. I hope that you can all check it out, your opinions would help me greatly improve my drawing ability.

Well, Thatís all; Iím making the post shorter than normal because I know that most of you have many sites to visit. Iíll talk to you all later take care!!


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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A bit stressed...*sigh*

Hello Every One!!! Boy am I tired!! I woke pretty early today!! It was 5 something, who knows? I went to sleep around 12 last nights. May I kindly ask you all to please check out my art!! I have added more entries!!

Well letís see, my AP History class was tiring!! I took an exam and we had an essay for homework due tomorrow. We donít even have him and itís due. My third period was fun. My friend for some reason tried to stick his lead from his lead pencil in his nose and my teacher caught him. She was cracking up with us!! During the period he sang as if he was in chorus (was quite good at it too) but the teacher thought he was crazy. Those two hours went by fast. In my AP Spanish class, I received my grade!! I have an ďAĒ!!! Iím so proud of myself!! ^^

During nutrition I had ASB work to do with some friends, so members of ASB stayed to help the school!! The principle bought pizza, and Chips Ahoy, soda and water. I ate everything but the sodaÖ they all stuck. Lol. I forgot about the homework and I knew that if I left at 7 I wouldnít finish it the principle is trying to get us an extra day to do the homework. Iím still doing it though, because Iím a nerd. ^^ Tomorrow, Iíll be taking the bus to school tomorrow, so I have to wake up and sleep early!!

I have checked everyone in my list. I will check all your sites today and possibly in the morning!!
Iíll leave you with a picture of my favorite villains. Gee, I hope itís not too big!!


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's Tuesday... I'm pretty sure you all know that though...

Wow!! IĎve been really good at posting recently!! Thatís awesome!! And of course Iím posting because I love you all!! Well I hope you are all having a great day!! I did pretty much.

TodayÖ I came home around 5 PM!! I was going nuts because I walked with some of my friends to the busÖ itís called the Dash Thatís fast (Öyeah right). My friend and I were about less than a block from the stop. While we were talking, we saw the Dash. We decided to run, but it was about to make a turnÖ we missed it and we decided to leave our friendsÖ who decided to WALK. She was hungryÖ and what do you knowÖ a McDonalds was there. I loath McDonalds, but she was hungry, and I decided to buy her something with my $5. I hated the fact that Iím helping McDonalds and itís 2 billion dollars a year get higher up, but she was HUNGRY!! Letís see it was about 3:40 (...youíll see what I mean a bit later in the post).

When we were out, our friends appeared from the opposite side that we came walking from. I asked them why they were coming back, (they had just passed by here). They just told that they came for usÖ that hurt.. I was going to leave them. We were waiting for about 10 minutes and I got hungry.. I said that I had a craving for cookies.. Guess want McDonalds had themÖ T.T Well, I disappointedly went to buy some so I could eatÖ they were that good either. When we goyt out.. Some o my friends left me.

After whining for a while because I wanted to walk instead of waitingÖ The Dash came almost an hour laterÖ wow that was fast.. That hour seemed to just fly by didnít itÖ.T.T

Well the Dash was packed since it was about 10 of us waiting.. The next stop was some of my friends and the Bus was packed. Hehehe they had to stand. Thatís what they got for leaving me. Lol. There were about 5 stops until it stopped passed by my house, and it was still packed there.

That was pretty long.. I didnít think it was. I guess that was it. I am going to post some art, and I hope it is accepted before I post next time.

Ahh!! I love Jade!! For Those who canít read it, it says ďI, Who Stand in the Heavens command thee, who opens the gates of hell, Come Forth Divine Lightning!! INDIGNATION!!!

WowÖ just saying it, fills me up. Lol

Well Hope you all Have a god Day!!

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