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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

   So Excited!!!!
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Hey Guys! Sorry I'm didn't update in 4-ever. I had some much stuff to makeup at school I couldn't get on to update. So far I'm great and feeling 100% better than the last time. Today at school was good, but at third block was the best. On our little bit of computer free time I got to download some music and some cute pictures of Edo-kun and save them on my flash drive. Tomorrow I planning on downloading some AMVs I just hope the teacher don't catch me downloading cause you know what that means me+teacher=big trouble! lol I also soooo excited cause my mom said I can order FMA the Movie online plus I get to order two anime posters! Yay ^_^XD!!! plus my mom said instead waiting after graduate to get my laptop I get it on my birthday which really made me extra excited. Man, so much good stuff is coming for me. Before I end this post for today I found this really funny humour on some site about FMA.

Read this its so funny!

||What if Ed and the other military people had to carry a cell phone?||
*ring* *ring* (or any digital sound)
Ed: *gets cell phone out* "Hello?"
Roy: "How's your mission coming along?"
Ed: "Just fine, thank you." *Ed hangs up*
5 minutes later...

*ring* *ring*
Ed: "Hello?"
Hunges: "Oh, hi Ed! Just wanted to tell you that my daughter recieved a A+ for her spelling test and that...*Ed hangs up*
10 minutes later...

*ring* *ring*
Ed: "Hel...LOO?!"
PizzaHut: "Hello, Mr. Elric. Just wanted to tell you your 12 pizzas is on the way."
Ed: "What?! I didn't order any pizza."
PizzaHut: "Oh, but you did just a few min...*Ed hangs up*
2 minutes later...

*ring* *ring, yes we know...
Ed: "YesSSSS?!" *he's getting pretty pissed off by now*
Roy: "Did ya get the 12 pizzas? Mawhahaha!"
Ed: "Man Roy! Stop it already with your jokes!"
Roy: "Bawhaaaa! Got you, twit!"
Ed: "That's not funny! Last time you ordered a truckload of fish to our room and all of Al's cats went nuts!"

Okay Guys~T2YLs!!!

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