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Friday, July 7, 2006

   I'm in the greatest mood ever...
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Hi guys!!! I just had an idea of writing a role playing story or a fanfic. I just had to share the idea to you. I might put it up on Fanfic soon...I donno. Anyways, Okay it's short but here's an idea of what its going to be like. Okay it was about me and my second clush Takuto from Fullmoon wo Sagashite going on a date then Ed came out of no where started yelled at me for going out with Takuto.
Ed: What! Why are you with him!!!!
Me: Edo-kun, it's just a date!
Ed: Just a date! You are my girl! No one can have you but me!
Me: When was I yours! You never even like me you said so yourself but I sure like you for some reason. *feeling of reget*
Ed: What doesn't that mean!
Me: It doesn't matter!
Ed: *yells and runs to my face* Doesn't Matter! I do like you but I just couldn't tell you!
Me: Mmmmm...*thinks it stange! Wonders why he would be nervous to say anything*
Takuto runs up to Ed's face and yells
Takuto: Listen Ed! *says angerly* It's just a date so just back off!
Ed: Back off!
Takuto: Yeah! That's what I said shorty!!!
Ed: Ahhhhh...Why you! I'm not short! *gets short-temper* No one calls me short!!!
There you have it folks so how do you think? I think I might need to fix somethings but you get the picture at least. Okay here's the question of the day.
Q: What's your favorite day of the week? Me: I love saturday but of anime night of course.

Okay everyone, have a great friday~T2YLs!!!

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