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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

sooooooooo sorry!
i just wanna apolagize to all of you who come to my site. i haven't posted in awhile! but right now i have to worry about finals, and making sure my grades are good and STAY good til the end of the year. luckily, i only have about 3 more days of school left! i promise that i'll make a point to update on all possbile days of the summer. if i don't, you all of permission to boil me in a huge pot of letil soup. well, since i don't have anything else to say, i'm going to post the haiku poems that i did for homework. can you guys guess what they're each about?

it caresses you
softly, relax and let it
become one with you

cryptic flakes blanket
all things in nature, swiftly
bringing joy to us

please tell me what you think and guess what they are. talk to you later guys! love you! take care!

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