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Friday, April 22, 2005

hey everyone! i just got home from school. i am COMPLETELY exhausted. *sigh* i couldn't wait to get home today. school seemed to be a kazillion hours long today! lol. i'm sure alot of you have felt that way at least once in your life time, eh? anyway, tomorrow i'm going to Washington D.C. to celebrate my birthday even though it's a week away from tomorrow. so, yeah...right now in English we're doing these disaster report things, where we pick a disaster and we have to type at least one page double spaced about it. only here's the catch: you have to put yourself in the story. like for example: on the titanic, there was a radio operator that was trying to contact another ship for help, you could be the radio operator. it has to be in first person. it doesn't seem that hard. i'm doing the Kobe Earthquake. but in reading, GEEZ! we have to write a oral report on note cards and we can't directly read from it, and it has to be 4-6 minutes long. no more, no less. and it's worth 100 POINTS!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!! i orginally wanted to do mine on creamed chip beef (VERY GOOD) but the library didn't have anything on the subject. so finally i decided to do on the knights of the middle ages. hope i don't bore everyone to death. *sigh* oh well...if i do, i'm not going to pay any fines or anything cuz it was the reading teacher's falt in the first place for assigning the stupid project in the first place! lol. so... what are you guys going to do over the weekend? later everyone! take care! i love you guys!

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