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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   so many visits!!!
WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! i have 603 visits!! thank you sooooo much everyone! i feel SOOOOOO loved right now that it isn't even funny. i also have 111 guest book signatures. *sniff* i'm not worthy!! i'm glad that you guys still take the time to visit and coment on my site even though i'm at my dad's house half the week and i can't post. you guys ROOOOCCCKKK!!! ^____^ anyway, at school, we're doing the PSSA test things, and every morning everyone at school has to walk around the gym for like 20 mins listening to old songs and such to get our blood moving. aparently, when your blood flows in the morning, your brain functions better. oh,well. later everyone! take care! love you guys!

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