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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

school was boring today..as usual.....will school ever be exciting?!
and on friday we had the annual cross country run. we had to walk a mile in under 15 min to get homeroom pionts. darkmagitian101 and i walked the whole thing..and we were only late by 30 seconds!!! AND WE WALKED THIS THING!!!!! yay!!! go darkmagitian101 and me!!! we almost did it!!!! but we still walked a mile so it has to count for SOMETHING.....and we didn't miss any periods either!
oh,well...maybe next year!
^_______^ it was mostly my falt,'cuz she was nice and stayed with me. but my leg was all stiff and cramped up,and it hurt like HECK to move it...so i didn't walk that fast....thanks darkmagitian101!!!! ^______^
see you at school!!

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