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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

chapter 5
sorry i haven't updated this in awhile....

steve:*watching weakest link* a. a. A DAMMIT!!!! IT'S A!!!!!
guy on show:uhhhh...b!
announcer:ohhhhhhhh..sorry..that's wrong. you are the weakest link. good bye.
jess:*walks in and burps in steve's face*
steve: ewwwww...were you eating apple fritters again?(i HATE apple fritters!)
jess: no,i ate a bowl of macoroni and cheese sitting on the counter...(BAKA!!!!
steve:*eye twitches* m-macoroni and ch-ch-ch-cheese?
*eye twitches again*
jess: yup! HA-HAAAAA!!!!
it was SO yummy!!!! ^____^
(you'r e opviously
pleased with yourself,stupid!
congrats!!! you won
yourself a ONE WAY
steve:......i'm gonna....
*all of a sudden rainbow monkeys start falling
through the ceiling*
yellow rainbow monkey:what do you think we should do now?
red rainbow monkey:i know! let's have fun! with
all rbms: rainbow monkeys
rainbow maonkeys! all so very round and super-*just then bob the builder
falls on top of them and they are all smashed...^____^ yay!!
damn rainbow monkeys!!! XD*
bob:can we kill them?
audience: yes we can!!!
*they all move forward and
formed an offensive
manuver and cornerd
jess and steve*
steve: all that because
you just HAD to eat my lunch!
jess: yup!
(O.O....jess is an idiot! _ _')
steve:....i hate you!
jess: yup!
steve: are you even listening?
_ _'
jess: yup!
steve:i wish a giant peice of cheese would crush you right now. NO!! a moldey 5 day old peice of PEPPER JACK CHEESE!!!!! hahahahahahahaha
*a booger comes flying out and hits bob,and turns into a geenie*
geenie: i am the magical,mystical,mucus covered geenie of the booger people!*starts tap dancing* okay,3 wishes!
steve: no bob!
*bob goes away*
steve:no audience!
*audience goes away*
steve: giant 5 day
old moldey peice of
pepper jack!
*the cheese falls on steve*
steve: HEY!!!!
geenie: you didn't say who.*he and jess french*
steve: barf bag. BARF BAG!!! I NEEEEEEEEEEED A BARF BAG!!!!!!
*jess and the geenie pull away and jess is covered in mucus
jess:hey steve..can i have your soda?
steve:still pinned under the ceese and is now covered in his own vomit*...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
jess: nope! *walks away sipping steve's soda*
steve:T____T but i want a sandwich....T__T

heh,heh,heh...i'm so mean aren't i? ^____^ well,this chapter isn't as good as the others in my opinion...i kinda wrote this as i went.....but i hope you still like it people!!!!

i found this in my archives right after i typed chapter 6..but i wanted to put it back up again just incase not everyone saw it

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chapter 6
sorry it took so long,guys!!! i just couldn't think of anything!!!

steve:*is playing soul caliber 2*
jess:*is playing with legos*
steve: hahahahahaha-hahahahaHAA-HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
jess: what'cha laughin' at? *peeks over at screen and sees steve willfully steer sophitia into nightmare*
steve: hahahahahaha....
jess: huh?
sophitia:*gets knocked over and her skirt flies up* (dude! i'm serious! when the girl characters fall down, sometimes you can see their underware!! i think guys made the game too ...eeewwwwww...anyway..back with the story)
jess: O.O you...PERVERT!!!!!*turns gamecube off*
jess: not anymore,smore!*giggle*(_ _'....riiiiight.....)
*steve and jess go outside*
jess: really? 'cuz i needed some make up tips an-
steve:*takes out machine gun* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! *starts getting trigger happy*
brittany: hey! cool! i survived!! ^__^*starts singing*(AHHHH!!! MY EARS!! IT BURNS!!!)
brittany: bring it on, MIDGET!
steve:*starts wrestling brittany spears*
kaiba: hey..steve i know we got off on the wrong foot yada,yada, so i brought you this fruit cake to- O.O WHOLEY CRAP!!! DUDE!! YOU ARE MESSED UP!!! FIRST IT WAS YOUR SISTER...AND NOW...BRITTANY SPEARS?! i don't wanna know any little thought that pops up in that messed up little brain of yours...i mean..who in there right mind would screw brittany spears....unless..you're drunk..yup. you're hammered. well, here's your fruit cake. *throws fruit cake onto brittany spear's head and she dies from a kiddany stone* (^___^ a kiddany stone...heh.)
*meanwhile, somewhere in konoha village..*
sakura: lalalalalala picken' flowers
ino: lalalalalalala picken' flowers
clouds: you go BOOM!
sakura: hmm? *she goes boom* (yay!)
ino: eh? *she goes boom too* (double yay! ^__^ no more sakura an' ino!!!)
*back to steve and jess*
jess: hey! it's my legos!!!
steve: O.O that looks like a giant peice of...CHEESE?!
jess: no,stupid! it's a puppy! ^__^ yay puppy-doodle-doo!
steve: puppy-doodle-doo?
jess: yup! puppy-doodle-doo!
steve: riiiiight...*goes back inside to play soul caliber 2*
jess: uhhhhhhh......i wanna cookie! *goes in and steals steve's sandwich*

soooo...did ya like it people? hope so! once again..i'm SO sorry for not updating this story for awhile!!! gomen!!!

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

   Bring Me To Life by Evenessance
how can you see into my eyes,
like open doors,
leading you down into my core,
where i've become so numb,
without a soul,
my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold,
until you find it there,
and lead,
it back home.
wake me up inside,
wake me up inside,
call my name and save me from the dark,
bid my blood to run,
before i come undone,
save me from the nothing i've become,
now that i know what i'm without,
you can't just leave me,
breathe into me and make me real,
bring me to life,
wake me up inside,
wake me up inside,
call my name and save me from the dark,
bid my blood to run,
before i come undone,
save me from the nothing i've nothing i've become.

heh. hope you likey! i typed it without reference...sorry i can never remember the whole part where the guys sing with her....well, i hope you like it anyways. ^_____^

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Saturday, October 2, 2004

careful, don't eat me! you'll get heart burn!

fluffyfan is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


From Go-Quiz.com

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if any of you want me to put your buttons on my site, just pm the button link, and i'll put it on. sorry i just can't MAKE you guys buttons, but i don't know HOW. i'd appreciate it greatly.

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Friday, October 1, 2004

   fan art
i'm going to maryland with yamichan today! yay! and i think i'll pu tsome more fan art some time in the next 1 0r 2 days. any way....if you guys have aim names (i know if you do or not 'cuz i added you all as buddies) can you guys add me as a buddy 'cuz i just got an aim name 3 days ago and i looooove to im people
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Thursday, September 30, 2004

   school and homework suck
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Sunday, September 26, 2004

i messed around with my intro alittle,as you can see. ^__^
i've got a DBZ/SONIC theme going up there! YAY!! SS3 Goku and shadow,knuckles, and sonic!!! YAY!!! well, i'm not going to be updating until wednesday, because i go to my dad's house sunday P.M.-wednesday A.M. i'm not gonna update till then 'cuz my dad doesn't approve of this site! but i don't care!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ^____^ so,i'd appreciate it if you guys would tell me your oppinions about what i did to my intro, and i'll try to think of more ideas for chapter 6. i already know that it has to do with evil shape shfting legos, and jess being the stupid idiot she always has been. there will even be a visit from kaiba later on...(oh,joy!!! steve will be THRILLED!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!)
i just can't really think of alot of details. but, i'll try to think of things in my free time. but i'm not leaving for my dad's until 7 P.M.,so i think i'll go around to everyone's sites now.
later everyone! take care!!! AND DON'T LET JESS EAT YOUR SANDWHICH!!!LOL! ^__^ poor steve...

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

i seem to get daydreamer alot...
You came from the sky. Your a daydreamer and prefer
to have a good look on situations.

Where did you come from?
brought to you by Quizilla

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   wolves (my story from english class)
The pack was starving. They had not eaten for many days. They were like nomads of the paleolithic times. They hunted and scavenged one area, and when they thought they had eaten a mojoraty of the livestock there, they would move on.
The pack had been traveling for a week now, and all were beginning to grow weary. Especialy the leader of the group, elderly,yes, but with age comes experiance. And he was full to the brim of it. But that would not help him now.
A small powdery flake fell from the heavens onto the leader's nose. He paused for a moment, ears twitching in the wind. A strom was comeing. He knew it. The soft beautiful powder changed into frigid shafts of ice in a matter of seconds. The wind swiftly carrying it, pelted the pack ferociosly, opening up old wounds. But, yet, they truged on. A few days later they stumbled across a clearing.
It was beautiful and green, sporting many types of prey. Food at last! Night came, and all were filled. The old leader pawed up an old cliff, and gazed at the round glowing moon. He slowly tilted his head back, and unleashed an earpeirceing howl that cut through the night like an assasin's dagger. He trembled for a moment, dropped to the ground, and was still. All was quiet.

sooooo...did you guys like it?
hope you did!! this was an english assignment from a week ago.

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