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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

man, i wish it'd snow or something *sigh* i just got home from school..and i'm bushed. in about 2 hours i have to go to piano lessons too. how was your day everyone? hope they were good. later! take care!
<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )

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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


My japanese name is n Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) Ayumi (walk, deeper meaning: walk your own way).
Take your real japanese na

uhhhhh.....i'm a monkey on a crossing bridge?

You're the tomb rober, past life of Yami Bakura...
You wants steal everything and kill everybody,
you robbed the pharaoh's tomb and disrespected
the the king, but then prince Yami defeat you
by useing Colossus of Obelisk. You killed
Mahado (past life of Dark Magician) and stole
his Millennium Ring...

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Past Life Character are You?
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Sunday, December 5, 2004

lallalalalalalalla ^__^
i got back from a sleep over birthday party today! ^__^ it was fun. we ate junk food, played the sim's, and made a blizzard ginger bread house that, like, nothing stayed on! ^_^ but it tasted good! i didn't get there until 7pm because my invataion was a little messed up, and had the times reversed. also, before that, my friend yamichan slept over!! ^__^ we played sonic adventure 2 battle, and beyblade turnament royale,ate lots of junk food and pickels, and drew comics. i want to get her beyblade turnamet royale, but i got the last one when i got it..and the last time i was at park city, they were out. i hope i can get it for her!! i taught her how to play, and played a few practive rounds!! and she was kicking butt!! it'd be a shame for her not to be able to play it when ever she wishes...but, there's one small problem...she doesn't have a game cube! _ _' we're hoping she'll get one for christmas so then when i go over to her house, i can bring my games and memory cards and it'd make shopping for games for her easier too. oh,well....anyway, at the sleep over birthday party, the birthday girl's big sister was amazed when darkmagitian101 said that we weren't boy crazy. then darkmagitian101 said " yeah! and we're proud of it!" then i said " all i need is food, video games, and comic books, and i'm complete XD" and darkmagitian101 said " you said it! XD" so my week end was busy and lazy ^___^! YAY LAZINESS!!! XD so...how was your week ends everyone? it's sunday so that means....DUN,DUN,DUN....SCHOOL!!! NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! XO week ends should be 3 days long T__T...*sigh*
later! take care!
u r the color red
energy,war,danger,strength,power,passion,desire and

What color r u(4 girl only with pics)
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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

You're a Kid Neko!!You are very intelligent and
loves books and cool places to read them!!You
love the color Light blue and always wears it
to go with your furry ears and tail.
Tonight:Finish that one book on your shelf.

What kind of Neko are you?(for girls only!and really great pictures!)
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i love to read...daydream too ^__^

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i just got back from school *drops 30 pound back pack on the floor* i have so much homework i couldn't even fit all my books in!! i had to carry one outside of my back pack. the good news is that it's not due tomorrow because we're going to see this play and it's going to take up most of the day. the bad news is that we have to dress up. uggghh. i don't like dressing up. *sigh* oh,well....good news brings bad news. i have a little equation for you guys.

50% italian + 3% irish + 1/16 indian + the rest unknown = 100% phycotic-future ruler of the world-emotion altering me....stupid i know...but i thought it would be cool to know what your equation would be...you don't have to tell me if you don't want to..instead, tell me about your day if you don't think i have the right to know what you are. later! take care everyone!
bakura is your perfect match
you are turning into / obsessed with yami bakura.
please dont send me to the shadow realm.

how to know if you are obsessed with or turning into a yugioh character.
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Sunday, November 28, 2004

i can't beleive it's sunday already!!! my friend yamichan just left, we were playing sonic adventure 2 battle. she's getting pretty good, and almost beat me a few times. it was funny because this one time i stopped to make sure that there wasn't any robots and she ran past me. i jumped and ran in front of her and grabbed a lift vine and she slammed into the wall. LOL!!!! there were many other funny things, but i don't have enough time to type them..dinner is in 5 mins. if you wish to know, then PM me, if you really are interested. ^__^ well...anyway, as i was saying...it's sunday!!! that means school tomorrow!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHY CAN'T THE BREAK BE 1 DAY LONGER?!! *sigh* oh,well....later guys, take care..i'm going to do rounds to everyone's sites later if i can. bye!!!*waves*
You have lonely eyes

What kind of anime eyes do you have?
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Saturday, November 27, 2004

guest book
YAY!!! i have a grand total of 100 guest book signatures!!! thank you everyone!!!! ^__^ i feel so loved!!! *hugs everyone who signed my guest book except dark lord koga because he is mean to me and thinks if he signs somethign nice in my guest book i'll for get everything*

What Does Your Inner Anime Character Look Like? (For Girls) by Rose Lover
User Name
Fav. Colors
Fav. Anime Show
What you look like
RoleThe cute one everyone loves
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What Kind of Angel Are You? (Girls Only) by Rose Lover
User Name
Eye and Hair Color
Fav. Archangel
Random Word
What you look like
Your JobHealer-heal those who need it
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your anime hair color is orange!

Whats your anime hair color?
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

awwww...special thanks to darkmagitian101 for the quizes
You're...Bakura/Ryou!! You're not sure what you did
to diserve him, but there he is. Though you can
be a bit unsatiable after hanging out in that
ring for three thousand plus years, you do care
about your other enough to soften your harsh
exterior. He always treated you with kindness,
and you return it with a true, though rough,

What Yugioh Couple Are You? (shounen ai)
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so cute!! <3

Which Yugioh Guy likes you? by raybird
Favorite color
Your guy is..Bakura
You met him like this....You two met when you both caught the same fish.
Why he likes youYou protect him from people he can't beat.
The chance of you two staying together is: 49%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which YuGiOh Character is Your Soulmate? by leiko
Fave Color:
Who:Yami Bakura
When you will meet:January 24, 2005
Where:At a Card Shop
What you will do:Make Out
When You will be married:February 28, 2012
Quiz created with MemeGen!

WOO-HOO!!!!! ^__^ <3
What is your YuGiOh fanfiction? by NonVegetable
Central character:Bakura Ryou
character that is somehow involved with you:Priest Set
How is person 2 involved with you?Simple trust
Villain of fanfiction:Priest Mahaado
Weapon of yours:throwing knives
Weapon of villain:Green
How original is it?: 86%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

i wondered what would happen if i put my first name instead of my otaku name.

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happy thanksgiving everyone!! ^___^ yes i know this is a bit early..but i'm not going to be able to go on the comp on thanksgiving. so i'm wishing you all a happy thanksgiving right now!!! ^_^ later! take care!
You are a Purple Angel!!You absoulutly lovre the
color purple and you love Kittys!(just like
me!)Anyways you love to go into your happiest
dreams to live them not just think them.You are
15 in mortal form and you love the
PURPLE!!!Your job as a mortal would be to write
a fantasy novel!Dragons princesses the
works!(give me a copy of your latest novel!!!)

What Kind of Angel are You?(for girls only!Great anime pics!)
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hmmmm...i kinda like red and black a little more..but this seems pretty acurate!!! ^_^

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

it's thanks giving break!! ^__^ yay!!!!

What was your job in a past life? (LOTS of results & Anime Pics)
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i knew it!!! i AM going to reign supreme!! i was even a ruler in the past life time!!! XD MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!!

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