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Thursday, September 9, 2004

   chapter 5
sorry i haven't updated this in awhile....

steve:*watching weakest link* a. a. A DAMMIT!!!! IT'S A!!!!!
guy on show:uhhhh...b!
announcer:ohhhhhhhh..sorry..that's wrong. you are the weakest link. good bye.
jess:*walks in and burps in steve's face*
steve: ewwwww...were you eating apple fritters again?(i HATE apple fritters!)
jess: no,i ate a bowl of macoroni and cheese sitting on the counter...(BAKA!!!!
steve:*eye twitches* m-macoroni and ch-ch-ch-cheese?
*eye twitches again*
jess: yup! HA-HAAAAA!!!!
it was SO yummy!!!! ^____^
(you'r e opviously
pleased with yourself,stupid!
congrats!!! you won
yourself a ONE WAY
steve:......i'm gonna....
*all of a sudden rainbow monkeys start falling
through the ceiling*
yellow rainbow monkey:what do you think we should do now?
red rainbow monkey:i know! let's have fun! with
all rbms: rainbow monkeys
rainbow maonkeys! all so very round and super-*just then bob the builder
falls on top of them and they are all smashed...^____^ yay!!
damn rainbow monkeys!!! XD*
bob:can we kill them?
audience: yes we can!!!
*they all move forward and
formed an offensive
manuver and cornerd
jess and steve*
steve: all that because
you just HAD to eat my lunch!
jess: yup!
(O.O....jess is an idiot! _ _')
steve:....i hate you!
jess: yup!
steve: are you even listening?
_ _'
jess: yup!
steve:i wish a giant peice of cheese would crush you right now. NO!! a moldey 5 day old peice of PEPPER JACK CHEESE!!!!! hahahahahahahaha
*a booger comes flying out and hits bob,and turns into a geenie*
geenie: i am the magical,mystical,mucus covered geenie of the booger people!*starts tap dancing* okay,3 wishes!
steve: no bob!
*bob goes away*
steve:no audience!
*audience goes away*
steve: giant 5 day
old moldey peice of
pepper jack!
*the cheese falls on steve*
steve: HEY!!!!
geenie: you didn't say who.*he and jess french*
steve: barf bag. BARF BAG!!! I NEEEEEEEEEEED A BARF BAG!!!!!!
*jess and the geenie pull away and jess is covered in mucus
jess:hey steve..can i have your soda?
steve:still pinned under the ceese and is now covered in his own vomit*...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
jess: nope! *walks away sipping steve's soda*
steve:T____T but i want a sandwich....T__T

heh,heh,heh...i'm so mean aren't i? ^____^ well,this chapter isn't as good as the others in my opinion...i kinda wrote this as i went.....but i hope you still like it people!!!!

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

Horo Horo is your boy! He is a very active person and friend too. But what about love? Come on, and melt his ice. Discover his tru love.
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   Happy Christmas
here's a christmas song i made up

jingle bells
batman yells
"robin you suck eggs"

the batmobile
lost a wheel
on route to L.A.

jingle bells
batman sells
robin lots of kegs

full of beer
now don't you jeer
'cuz joker lost a leg

dashing through the snow
on a cheesey pizza box
hitting all the rocks

the snow is turning red
my pocket's made of lead
i woke up in the hospital
with ex-lax on my bed

hope you likey. i just made this up 2 min. ago.

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   chapter 4
special thanks to my friend yamichan for the idea of banjokazzoie! alrighty then,lets start this next chapter,shall we?

steve:*playing banjotooie*
jess:what're you doing?
jess:_ _'....you're an idiot(no,jess...YOU ARE!!!!!)
steve:can't talk...must KILL JINJOS!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
jess:you know...you need them at some point of the game....
steve:_ _'.....i hate you.....
jess:who wants marshmellows?
steve:i'm gonna kill you if you don't hand them over right n-GIVE ME THE MARSHMELLOWY GOODNESS!!!!!
ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! *pounces on jess and starts to wrestle with her like an enraged animal*
kaiba:*walks in*.....O.O....i won't ask....i don't think i even want to know why you're trying to screw your sister....
jess:HHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!! he wants my marshymellows!!! T_T
steve:_ _'.....eeeewwwwww...you're SO messed up kaiba.....
kaiba:.....(i think he stayed up late watching too many porn movies...)
jess:..ummmmm...kaiba? how'd you get here?
kaiba:like i told joey,i'm rich. i can do anything!
kim possible:you stole my line AGAIN!!! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS KIABA!!!!
steve:hey,hey,HEY!!! watch the sandwich,WATCH THE SANDWICH!!!!!
*kim knocks over his sandwich*
steve:T_T...why is it always MY sandwich?!....argggggggggghh...YOU'RE SOOOOOOOOO GONNA GET IT!!!*knocks jess off him and turns super sayian*
jess:sweet! the marshmellows are mine! ALL MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!! <3
kaiba+kim:.....eep...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!*they start runing....but right into banjo*
kazzoie:WAKE UP YOU LAZY ASS BEAR!!!!(okay....never mind...back to steve)
steve:*calms down,and turns back*
jess:my marshmellows...MINE!!!
(_ _'.....jess? you are SOOOO busted! XD)
steve:*cracks his knuckles and begins to use karate moves on jess*
jess:.......*is beat up*...i hate you big brother.....
steve:shut up and give me the marshmellows.

hope you liked it!!! thank you SO much
XxLinkinParkxX for the idea of steve who can turn into a super sayian and do karate. the story wouldn't be funny without steve! ^___^

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Friday, September 3, 2004

   chapter 3
where we left off...steve was having a mental break down,and yami was just about to pull joey into the teleporter.

joey:ha,HA!!! see ya later ya stupid dog!
kaiba:look who's talking puppy!
joey: O.O where'd you come from kaiba?
kaiba:hey,i'm rich. i can do anything.
kim possible: HEY!!! THAT'S MY LINE!!! *tackles kaiba*
yami:*activates time machine and they get sent to france*
french guy with cool hair:bonjoir!
joey:no,no. i don't want any cheese.(okaaaaaaaaaaay....)
*any way,back to feudal japan*
inu,jess,and kagome the rabid flying monkey:O.O...uh,oh...
steve:*snaps fingers and trunks appears*(yay! trunks is sooooo COOL!!!! ^____^)
*they fuse into one*
everyone:holy crap! WE'RE SCREWED!!!*donut falls from the sky*
steve+and trunks:*split*
jess:yum...donut! *eats it*
steve:m-my donut....MY DONUT!!!!
you are sooooo mean to meeeeee...
trunks:.....? ummmmm....*turns to inuyasha*....you like pokemon?
inu: YEAH!!!*takes out an overly stuffed binder full of pokemon cards*
trunks: ^_____^*pulls out his binder*
kagome the rabid flying monkey:................(she can't talk....i wonder why i didn't make her talk....heh,heh,heh.....)

hope you likey! ^_____^ i wrote this at 1:00 am, and i don't think it's that bad...i'll try to write chap 4 as fast as i can,because it seems like people like it. thanks everyone who is continuing to read my story! ^___^

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

chapter 2
special thanks to:
darkmagitian101(yu-gi-oh meets inuyasha)
perknup(magic powers)
sangoiscool(magic powers)
XxLinkinParkxX(guy named steve who turns into a super saiyan)
TheCrowChicky(inu/kagome(only for a sec))
phy(no cotton candy unicorns)
let's get this chapter started!

steve:hey,jess...where's my sandwich?
jess:i ate it. (you are SUCH a baka XD)
steve:.....! you ate MY sandwich? arrgh! die you lunch theif(he still can't come up with good comebacks)
*the room swirls and twists,and suddenly,they were feudal japan! but they weren't alone...)
inuyasha: hey,kagome,do you know these freaks?*looks at joey in particular*
joey: hey! i'm not a freak ya dumb ass mutt! (a bit exteme there,joey)
yami:*jumping up and down*
kagome: is something wrong? (no kagome. he wants cheese. OF COURSE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG!!!!)
yami:ummmm...where do you-you know...answer nature's call?
inu:pick a tree,any tree.
*yami runs off to releive himself*
*jess,steve,and joey are taking part in a conversation. i will not type it though,because it's so incredably stupid and mindless,that you'd stop reading right after the first word. oh,yeah and...inu and kagome are making out*
jess:grrr*turns kagome into a rabid flying monkey*
jess*starts making out with inu*
yami:*walking back*
steve:how dare you kiss my sister!arrrrgh! *turns super sayain*
yami:O.O *grabs joey's arm and pulls him into a teleporter*
steve:*snaps fingers and vegeta appears*
to be continued.....

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

yay! 202 visits!!!! ^___________^
thanks everyone!

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   default chapter
okay...this story takes place in an apartment building in ohio. the only problem is,there's mostly old people there.(boo!)
well,the main characters in this story are in fact NOT old people! (yay!) okay. let's start the story.
Default Chapter
steve:*comes back from turkey hill*
jess:*sitting on couch surrounded by rabid flying monkeys,TRYING to look inicent.*
steve:JESS!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO MESS WITH MY THINGS YOU IDIOT!!!*best come back he can think of*
jess: relax. i only did this to your model gundum kits.*smooth move stupid*
steve:*eye twitches* g-gundum? MY gundums? HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH ME!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *changes into super saiyan*
jess:s-steve? buddy ol' pal? h-heh,heh....i'm screwed...
steve:*cups his hands on his side*
jess: no steve! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
*all of a sudden,popcorn ninjas apear and break the dishes*
steve: HEY!!! I LIKED THOSE!!! ka-may-ka-may-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! die you stupid bastards!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! your mothers were made of cheese,and your fathers wear thongs!!!!
jess: steve,you suck.*turns a left over ningas body into a TALKING rabid flying monkey.
talking rabid flying monkey:hhahahahaha! i will eat your sweat socks!!!!! hahahahahahahahahah-*smacks into wall*

did you like it? please tell me,and if you have any suggestions for the next chapter,please tell me. but i won't get to continue until wednesday night,after my homework's done(if i have any home work) hope you enjoyed the first chapter! ^___^

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theOtaku.com: What Wolf Are You?

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   story suggestions over
okay,I'm going to write a story here tomorrow. thanks everyone who gave me suggestions, and here's the list of people who's ideas i chose. special thanks to:

sangoiscool(magic powers)
perknup(also magic powers)
XxLinkinParkxX(guy named steve who can turn into a super saiyan)
psy(i wasn't going to use the cotton candy unicorns anyway. they were just to make a piont that my story has some stupid randomness1 ^__^)

i'll be writing the first chapter tomorrow. thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions! i appreiciate it! ^__^

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