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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   Late, but I got my Valentines day gift from my bf
blue catSo, I finally got my V-day gift from my bf!! It was pear earings and I wear them all the time now. I love him so much! He liked what I gave him too! I drew him this picture that had a poem on it. He liked it alot! I'm really happy that he did, I worked hard on it!! It was worth it to see him smile in the end of it though!!

My aunt almost went to jail because she freaked out on my grandmother and broke a cane over her back. It was really scary, I cried alot the last few nights. My grandmother doesnt want her to got to jail though, so she wont call the police or tell anyone but my mom, my brother and I. I dont know what to do. Any advice from anyone?

I have alot of homework lately so I'm not sure when the next time I'll be on. We are reading the Odessey in school, you know that graphic novel thats like 600 pages of complete random stuff that doesnt make sence, well I have to finish it and I also need to right this report on my moms bf for school cause we had to interveiw someone interesting, so yeah, now I have to write that up.

I hope your day was doing well. TTFN!

P.S I got my first B on my biology test last Friday!! I WAS SO PROUD!!! IT WAS MY FIRST ONE THIS YEAR!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

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