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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   New Site look
blue catOk, I'm doing much better then afew days ago. I get to see my bf in like, 2 days, then we get to exchange valentines day gifts. My mom is acually letting him come over!! I'm so happy! Yeah, and the part in the play, I found out I sing duets and solos! So, I'm much better, I just was being a baby afew days ago. Yeah, so I'm at my dads house again, so that means I get to change my site!! So what do you think? I like it alot!! The milk is so cute, and afew of you will get my vulpix joke. yeah, so thats all I got to say right now. I love ya guys!

Nightmare-Neko, thanx for what you said! I love ya babe! I'm gald your day was better then mine!! Call me sometime ok?


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