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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where am I?

I happened to stop by, kind of to see if I missed anything since I've been gone.

Read a lot of old posts that are filled with memories long forgotten. Some I can no longer picture. Makes me glad I bothered to type up such long posts. hahaha.

I think I would like to create a layout before I abandon this place. I previously left it in a construction phase, and reading comments about how amazing my layout is (which I can't even remember) makes me want to fix this place even more.

Though, I don't remember anything HTML. /SHOT

If there are any survivors, say hello, yeah?
Yours Truly,

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree Exploration

Getting a Christmas tree today was intense. :D

So let me tell you. My mom, step-dad, aunt, uncle, and cousin all got together in my mom's ford explorer. Great car for going up into the mountains. My dad, brother, and I got into my dad's Volkswagon Jetta and lead the way.

As we get into the dirt road from the mountain, the road starts to have patches of potholes. They were in no way fun, whatsoever, to get passed. Several miles of this was no fun. My dad reassured us we wouldn't have to go through this road on the way back, it just happened to be faster. The other road was longer.

So we climb up into a large clearing and park the cars. We then hike around for awhile to find the tree we want. So each family, in the end, found their own tree after deciding on this or that one.

Thus, we attached our trees to our cars and headed out the second route. New ENCOUNTER!: snow. It was slick, but after about a quarter mile, we were back into the gravel. We drive along quite a ways, and bam! Water had dug out the road. But not too much. Hastily, everyone moves around the gravel to cover up the hole and my dad manages to drive through, but barely. Whew!

Passed through that first hurdle, we continue our journey. Here comes a fork in the road, so we turn right. After a few miles of traveling, we encounter another washed out part of road. Unfortunately, this hole still had water heavily flowing through. Of course, my brother being consistent in this manor, fell in the water. The ledge he stood on broke off. lol. It was funny. He had to change his pants otherwise he would freeze.

So, sadly, we had to turn around, but luckily we did not have to go back to pot-hole road from before. The fork in the road from earlier turned out that we took the wrong direction. So we came back and went the other way.

But this road was far worse than the other road. We came across a large bump in the road which was supposed to prevent washouts. We crossed it and around the corner was another. Then another. We bottomed out on over half of them, and there were way too many to count. My dad's car did not have a whole lot of clearance.

Half way back through the forested mountains, my mom's car stopped. Why? Well, when they caught up to us, they showed us a piece of car that had fallen off of the underside of my dad's car.

Then after the several encounters of bumps and large rocks, there were more potholes. So in the end, the second route wasn't worth it. But it sure made a heck of an experience.

Not to mention the road was very very foggy. I was scared too that since we were bouncing like crazy over stuff, that we might end up tumbling over the cliff.

But we made it out safely and home safely. I'm not sure if my mom made it home safely because she traveled a different road from us once we reached Vancouver.

I believe I have a very special Christmas tree this year. Normally we get stuck by snow. But this- every time something bad would happen, we would say, "C'mon, what else can they throw at us?" Yeah, wrong thing to say. Potholes, rain when promised sun, snow when promised none, falling rock signs that had fallen over and been damaged from falling rocks, road dams, car damage, car covered in mud, blah blah blah. XD

Sorry, that was kind of long. Just, I was so happy to finally get home. Anyways, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Good night.
Yours Truly,

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Picture Book

I'm starting this post with Fruits Basket. I just finished book 20. :D
And boy was that full of soo much! I want to just tell someone all about it, but my brother doesn't care and my dad doesn't want to know because he plans on reading from the start one day.

Anyways what I want to talk about had to with creating a children's picture book. I'm having a hard time thinking of something. My friend Meghan (aka Chibidragongal) has been wanting to illustrate a picture book and she asked me to write it. Her teacher would then publish it.

You can get a glimpse of her art in her portfolio on theOtaku if you feel like it. She's amazing. Oh and, haha, Meghan, Rachel, and I ate breakfast at Ihop this morning. It was fun. It was great because I hadn't seen Meghan since the beginning of September and I only see Rachel at school.

So. I was wondering what your favorite children's book was/is; and, of course, why?

Thank you for time. :D I'll let you know if the book came out well or not.
Yours Truly,

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Death Note

Death Note the movie was great, even with the weird dubbing onto Japanese actors. If you watch Death Note and like it, the movie is worth it.

Anyways, I came up with a new theme idea to pursue in creation. XD It's Hoshi wa Utau by Natsuki Takaya, the writer of Fruits Basket. I found out about it when browsing for star related stuff and found a picture and continued from there. The title translates to Twinkle Stars like singing a song. It's very cute and I like it a lot. XD

In school news, orange top was "mad" at me for switching seats after he sat next to me. haha. The computer was broken. I like him a lot, he makes that class so enjoyable!
As for math, after school, I came in for a math contest. I walked into the classroom, looked at all the students, and stepped back out. Then I slowly walked away. But another girl came through the hallway and did exactly the same thing, and we hear one of the students say "people coming in and walking back out" with laughter. So I turned to her and we braved ourselves together.
We stood around about 5 minutes for a test and then waited for the teacher to find us seats. That was practically the reason I walked out because I could not see a single chair. But because I did it, I get 10 extra credit points. :)

And last Friday was my brother's birthday, we went to Olive Garden which was so goood! And he got a DS and a ton of games, which is exciting because I'll get to play. But I promised I wouldn't touch for at least 2 weeks! A month if he wants. Even though he'll let me play tomorrow while he's in school, it wouldn't seem right. lol. But yeah. He was so happy to get Pokemon Diamond. XD

Yours Truly,

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Math Genius

So yesterday was a good day for me. In first period, I finished my work early, so I took the time to prepare my math test in the next class.
The one thing I over looked was the velocity formula, but I think I at least got a C.

Anyways, I pulled out a piece of scratch paper and a pen and began to prove that d(sinx)/dx equals cosx. As I did so, the orange haired kid next to me started watching. I didn't bother looking up, but I was certain.

Once I finished the proof, I moved onto the next proof of d(cox)/dx equals -sinx. I knew I was ready for that test. When I finished, carrot top gasped some phrase related to "Oh my god" or "Holy shit." Made me laugh. Then he asked when he'd be learning that sort of thing and all these math class related questions, ending with him being psyched that he will be going into pre-cal next year.

Then in Econ, we spent the whole period taking some lame health survey that no one is honest about. It was humerous though with everyone cracking jokes.

And Monday's British Literature was canceled because the teacher never showed up. It was awesome. My friend had a class next door, so I just waited for her. When she got out, we went to the mall and got free Orange Julius smoothies which was nice. Those smoothies are good.

That's all for now with life. :D

P.S. I'm not a math genius.
Yours Truly,

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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay, previously, I mentioned a test that I graded and initialed. The student, not so pleased, tried to figure out who "AJ" was with murder in his eyes.

Yes yes, so today, I'm sitting in class, then WHACK!! on my head and "What up, AJ?" I was like "Ho, shit! Who spilled?" haha, and then he continued along bopping everyone on the head. As makes his way back, he pats my shoulder and hits my head again with his waterbottle.

Double Whammy...

Thank goodness he wasn't mad at me...

But now I'm scared. lol.

In other news, I'm reading Beowulf for British Literature. We were put into groups to figure out what our section of the reading meant. The girl in my group came up with the explanation.

I re-read the entire page over again and again to see how she got that. Never figured it out until the teacher came over and read the story aloud to us with little explanations for each line.

Beowulf is the hardest poem I've come across so far. And it's totally not the same as the movie if you've seen that.

yeah, so that's it for now.
Yours Truly,

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Friendsies Hello!

Hello again!
I really don't have much to say, but I may be able to find a way to make it seem like a lot. lol. I'm getting into the Halloween mood, so my next theme will be Halloween and not what I had planned. It's because I found my pair of halloween characters I created about a year ago. Then I had a nightmare which I decided to use as my advantage in creating a shorty short story for those characters. XD It sort of works.

Recently, Yamispharaohess(and I'm certain I spelt that wrong) posted pictures up from a convention she went to and it's been making me think about going to one someday. Sounds like it'll be fun as long as it's not too crowded. XD

So then I was thinking of who to go as. A few things came up, but I've settled (for now) for Yurie from Kamichu! XD Ever since I watched that, I've noticed myself acting a lot more like her. It's kind of embarrassing.

For example, a guy in my math class asked what I got on my test and I shuffled around the way she would have and showed him my test upside down because I couldn't think about turning the paper around. -_-'

It was a D anyways. 65% was my score. He got 36%
I think I'll always do at least better than him. It's surprising because I haven't a math class with him since middle school and he was really smart back then. Oh wells.

Being all Halloween hyped up, I nearly forgot my brother's birthday is two weeks before then. I'm thinking of either getting him a DS or the Fire Emblem game for the wii.

One last thing. How many of you have a wii? More importantly, how many of you have Super Smash Brothers Brawl? For Brawl, my number is:


The name will be Andii only because my brother got to it first and he's the only with friends on there. So, yeah... I'd like to Brawl with people I know because my brother whoops my ass unless he's someone he's not used to and I'm Ike. Only way, and still I might lose. Yep.

That be all. :)
Yours Truly,

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Scarier than a Nightmare

This is far more frightening than the past evenings of horrifying nightmares. This one, was real.

Period 3 had arrived, AP Mario Economics. We would get our tests back, but first we had to grade each other's free response essays.

Layed before me, was a paper, tiny wording, which took a few close looks to finally interpret. First problem, a perfect score. Moving on to the next problem. I looked at the answer sheet and then the person's writing. I assumed at first that the whole paper was going to be perfect. I don't need to bother grading. Then I looked over it again and again. Every problem after the first was wrong. I re-read them, still wrong. I gave the last problem to them because he answered it right, but explained it wrong.

So, technically, he should have gotten a 1 on the test rather than a 2 which is what I gave him. I initialled at the bottom. The whole time thinking, "I hope this isn't that one guy's paper who sits in the corner over there." I don't know his name and all our tests had numbers at the top rather than our names. I feared if it were him, he would be very disappointed with his score.

We got our papers handed back to us. I did well on the multiple choice and I got a 4 on the free response, total being 5.

Several minutes passed us by, confusion came across everyone as some tests were lost in the whole process.

Then I hear it, "Why'd I get a 2?!?!?!" Certain many people may have gotten 2s, it couldn't be that particular one I graded. The yelling grew, "Someone tell me why I got a 2?" A few people explained possibly why. He still didn't get it. I looked over, it was the person I was afraid of, and soon, he was shouting my initials. "Who is this?!??!" He yelled so loud that soon enough the whole class shut up.

Fortunately, before he could go any further, another classmate said, "Man, if you don't like your grade, tell the teacher when he returns." And that was settled.

Another classmate looked over at me and pointed as if to ask, "you?" I nodded. Then the girl in between was like "Oooooh!" and the three of us laughed hysterically for a brief moment.

As scary as that moment was, and seeing murder in the eyes of my classmate, it was a fun experience. Though now, I must wait until he forgets the two letters A and J until I allow anyone to know my name.

Which is another brief detail in the matter. As he shouted my initials, my friend from elementary school said, "Oh is that....?" She said my first and last name to him and he said, "No, someone in this class!"

Haha, that's why it's so great that no one who sits more than two people away actually know who I am.

That's my story for the day.

Take care!!

Yours Truly,

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


It seems as though people are slowly returning, am I right?

I'll stop by after school. :)

Anyways, I feel like talking about yesterday. I'm not sure if the sun looked the same anywhere else, but it was so magnificent yesterday morning that I could not help but stare at it my whole way to school. Something was in front of it, so I was not blinded. If you saw it, it was a beautiful pink and perfectly round. The surrounding sky seemed to echo the same hint of color or blue at times. The edges of the sun were sharp that I thought it was the moon at first glance. However, there is no way that the moon was as large as the sun appeared.

In darker news. lol. I had a nightmare in which someone poisoned me. I died, but then the nightmare started over with me just being poisened and soon to die. Luckily, it had a joyous ending. :) If you'd like to hear it in full, I'd more than glad to use it as tomorrow's post, for I feel as if this will be too long otherwise.

So... BAM! Like that? I changed the colors of my site. Is it readable right now? I would hope so, but if not, I think I'll darken the green. I'm still in process of a background and some graphics.

Le, Wii is soo much fun! XD Brawl is super fun too. When my brother and I got that game we couldn't contain ourselves. Then we dualed it out as Link. We recorded our first battle and watch it now and again for a good laugh because it was very hilarious. I'm laughing thinking about it.

I love that teacher of mine. I had her last year, and she's crazy. But that was for PE. lol.

And Kat, haha, yeah. XD I was staring at the red-head kid's roots. I think he's naturally blonde. My guess is he really likes Kyo from fruits basket. Especially since Kyo was on his shirt. XD Oh Le, I'm sure my group will get closer. We already have two things in common. 1. Well, the quietness. and 2. we like Zelda, except for the freshman girl. She never said. XD

So yeah, this has become quite long now. Maybe. More like I need to leave for school soon. XD Later! I feel I've already caught myself back into the drift of myO. :) yay.
Yours Truly,

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Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm gonna see what I can say before I resume my struggle through homework which I waited until this very moment to begin. And yet, a gut feeling tells me I will be working on it in the morning as I am rather tired, but who knows?

Eventually, probably when winter rolls along, I will have finally begun a new theme, much nicer than my current... plain one.

Anywho, school's going fine. I have three classes right now. Health, AP calculus, and AP Macro/Micro Economics. Pretty simple so far, but I know it's gonna get rough soon, especially next week when college starts. dun dun DUN!

In my health class, there's this funny little red head kid who sits next to me. Not to mention my whole table is funny. No one talks. We're supposed to do group work and everyone just glances back and forth at one another. Being as I'm the oldest there, I seem to have to take charge. My teacher makes me. XD I remember when I sat at the table I hoped inside my mind that the group would be talkative.

Anyways, the kid who sits next to me wore a Fruits Basket shirt that I noticed. I'm not sure if he actually knows that it was Fruits Basket or not. He likes to make a ton of comments throughout the class. But still, he's as quiet as the rest of us.

What I find funny was how my teacher growled at him for leaving his assignment at home, which was a lie. He never did it because he wasn't in class. Anyways, she pulled in close to him and he coward and shriveled up in his seat. She asked, "Am I scaring you?" He said, "No... well, maybe a little," in a somewhat whiney, scared voice. Then they both admitted they were kidding. I don't know, but I found so very amusing at the time.

Other than that, school is really simple. I'm only there for three hours. Get out at 10:20. yep.

SO, I'm leaving now. Don't know when I'll be back. But I will try. :)

Take care!

Yours Truly,

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