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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

God, I Hate my Stupid Brain
Hello, and welcome, my friends! It's Tuesday! The day when... stuff happens...? I usually get headaches on Tuesday. Just thought I'd add that.

Hey, guess what? Remember that last post I did? The one about the "New Gang"? Well, someone was foolish- shit, I mean COOL and GREAT enough to join! The Band of Merry Dudes welcomes Shanny into their merry ranks! She'll most likely be the first and only person to join. If so, we'll forever be known as the "Shanny-Flint Connection". And I'll start pulling sock puppets out of my pants.

I'm going through a bit of a posting dry spell as of late. The worst part is, when I DO come up with an idea, I pick at it until I no longer think it's such a good idea. Check these ideas out, and tell me if you like one.

-When I took a brief (like, one week) hiatus from myO, I read a comment someone had left on Molly's site, concerning a "Flint Marco Funeral". I thought, "Wouldn't it be HI-larious if I did the Funeral post?" I thought about it. And figured it was much too morbid.

-I wanted to leave a bogus "Will post" in which, in the case of my untimely myO demise, I would leave bogus objects to you, the reader. Again, much too morbid.

-I thought about doing another "News Post", where I and several historical figures reviewed "Shrek 2". First, It'd never work for the SOLE FACT that none of them had never seen "Shrek 2". Also, I think I'd done something like that several times.

See what I'm talkin' about? Dry spell city, population, your old buddy Flint. Do you guys have any good ideas I can use? Lay 'em on me!

That's all ya get from me. See ya later!


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