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Saturday, May 29, 2004

   Saturday, Sweet Saturday
Hello again, dear friends! It's, again, Saturday. Saturday, BAY-BEE! I'm gonna go do stuff on this day! Like get my car inspected! By Inspector Gadget! Fun with a Purpose!

Now, we've all joined in a form of organized crime at one point in our lives, be it for wealth, power, or revenge. I myself am part of a local organized crime cyndicate, the motley crew of psychopaths called THAT. Gemmie and OWA have their own group, Co-Evil. It's a growing trend.

So, in the fashion of the growing trend, it's time that your old friend Flint jump on the gangland bandwagon. Yes, it's time to create Flint's great street gang!

First, I'll need a name. It's got to be something cool, iconic, and terrifying. It's got to strike fear into the hearts of the common man. And that's why I've chosen this name:

"The Band of Merry Dudes"!

Terrifying, huh? I like the "merry" part. Makes it sound soft, in a crazy-kinda way.

Now that "The Band of Merry Dudes" has a name, we need rules. First, all members must have cool-sounding code-names, prefferably with swear words in them. Next, all members must have some sort of cool-sounding job to uphold in the "BoMD". See where I'm going with this?

The next rule is a bit extreme. If you want to join the "BoMD", you must first get a "BoMD" symbol branded on your skull. Then, you must go solo into the biggest volcano you can find, wearing the cerimonial windbreaker and tear-away jogging shorts, and throw a bag of orphaned kittens into the molten lava. When you hear their screams of pain and horror, you are officially inducted into the Band of Merry Dudes. What follows is a crazy mixer party, where Hanna-Barbera characters can interact with Disney characters. Shaggy and Goofy, in the SAME ROOM?Comedy gold!

How's that for a group? Don't forget to buy your OFFICIAL BoMD merchandise! BoMD T-shirt! BoMD Drink Coozy! BoMD gay-ass Lanyard! LIMITED EDITION Flint Marco "BoMD" action figure! Much more! Buy this crap, huh?

That's it. NEW GROUP! I'll probably be the only member. Then I'll change the name to myOomac: My Otaku One-Man Army Corps.

Nap Time! See ya later!


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