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Monday, May 24, 2004

   Monday, Again.
Welcome again, reader! It's Monday. It's been exactly a week since my last post. And I STILL don't have a funny idea! Talk about lazy!

Just thought I'd update for the sake of updating. I really have no idea what to post. Another dry spell, I guess.

Time to think about what to post...

Hey, guess who's number one at Marvel VS Capcom at not one, but TWO malls? You're friend and mine, Flint! I must say, to see your name at the top of the high score list is a great feeling. You must experience it. All who challenged me, human or computer, fell victim to my wrath! Of course, if they're human, they fell victim to the Five moves of Doom! Throwback! Five-Knuckle Shuffle! F-U! ...I think one of them's that shoe-pump thing...

Then again, fuck John Cena. He'll never make it out of the midcard.

Mabey I'll post something funny or original tomorrow, or something.

See ya then!


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