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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

   Questionable Content
Good day, reader! It's Wednsday again. Why do I always post on Wednsdays? That was a rhetorical question, by the way, I seriously have no idea why I post on Wednsdays.

Hey, guess what? MORE FUN WITH QUESTIONS! Man, if I could do this every post, I'd post every day. This is MUCH easier than thinking of a random topic!


1) If you had to live somewhere besides Texas, where would you go?

Wow, I never thought about that. Mabey New York City. That'd be cool.

Or mabey Uranus. HA!

2) If the world were going to end in a week, and you were the only one who knew about it, would you bother to warn anyone?

I would, but in a roundabout way. First, I'd do the "ranting madman" warning style, where I'd run around nude, screaming "Repent, sinners! God has fattened you for the slaughter!"

Next, I'd hire a team of shamans to put a hex on the highway. Cars would collide, in horrific crashes. The wreckage would spell, "The End is At Hand! You and this Entire Planet will become Nothing but Dust!"

Finally, I'd put on the old black robes, gather a team of druids, buy some TV time, and spill the beans, but only five minutes before the world would acually end, so the last feelings of humanity would be chaos and terror.

3) Thursday came and went, but the aliens never came... Did you lie to me about that?

Not at all, my gullable- shit, I mean LOVEABLE Molly! The aliens just missed their bus, but mark the words of Flint, THEY'LL BE HERE!

4) Where is my missing sock?

I ate it. I got hungry.

X and O: You a sick muthuh! You a sick, sick, sick, sick muthuh!

...Man, I miss Sifl and Olly.

5) If the draft were re-instated in a war against France, and you were drafted, would you go?

Yes and No. Here's what I'd do. I'd find a child. I'd sand off his whole face, then make him wear a mask resembling my face. I'd make him take a shitload of growth hormones. I'd then teach him how to fake injuries, and how to shoot things.

When the foolish American Army came knocking at my door, I'd send him in my place. Who's gonna know the difference?

But, it wouldn't end there. Id fly over to France, under a new name, Flinte Mearcue. I'd then join the French army. I'd quickly make my way up the ranks, until I became France's greatest warrior.

One rainy day, in a recently carpet-bombed Paris, I would meet the new "Flint". We would stare each other down. Then, we'd engage in the superbattle to end all superbattles. Finally, I'd fall over, dead, but not before taking the new "Flint's" right arm. He'd return to America, and pick up were I left off.

Yep, that was loads of fun, wasn't it? Easy, too! We gotta do this more often!

Okay, I'm so outta here.


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