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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

   A Question has Been Asked
Good Eve, dear readers! It's Tuesday! The day of the week where... nothing happens. God, I hate Tuesdays.

Well, can't say I didn't try to do that whole "question" post everyone's doing, except better. God, what an uncooperative populace this is. I got two questions, at least.

By SJ:
Where do Babies come from?

and by Gemmei:
Who would win in a fight between Flint and Gemmei?

Well, Gemmei wanted me to dedicate an ENTIRE post to the question she ask, so it won't be this one. HAHAHA! So, here's your answer, SJ.

Where do babies come from, you ask?

Well, it all starts in Hell. Lucifer creates a caste for the child's form, forged with bone, blood and lava. After the caste is complete, and the form is finished, Shamans inject various drugs and venom into the form, which congeals into what humans call, "organs". Once the "organs" form, Lucifer takes the form into a summoning room, where the form's soul is created. For this event, he calls in his seven sons. They are as follows:

Bealsebub: Lord of pain and suffering, overlord of the body harvests in Hell.

Azreal: Brutish might and cunning mind become one, to create the gatekeeper of Hades, making sure not a soul escapes.

Damien: Considered the cruelest of the seven sons of Satan, Damien is in charge of torture, and thuroughly enjoys his job.

Jameson: Satan's youngest son, and resident high-powered attorney.

Frankie: Don of the Hades Mafia, Frankie runs the dealing, killings and gun-running.

Mr. Fuji: Considered to be Satan's favorite son, Fuji managed Yokozuna to the WWF title.

Bishamon: Finally, Satan's oldest son, a samurai demon who possesses the bodies of evil men, and wreaks havok upon the human world.

When all the sons are gathered, they release dark energy, which is mixed together. Finally, after hours, a soul is forged. The soul is placed in the body. A ninja is sent to the human world, where the baby is placed in the female's body, where is feeds on her body, until it bursts from her body, fully developed.

There you are. Another mystery explained, thanks to your old pal, Flint!

That's it. Later.


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