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Monday, April 26, 2004

   Shin Ask Mr. Marco: Zankuro Musouken
Does anyone find that title familiar? Yeah, I've been playing WAY too much "Samurai Shodown".

Greetings again, dear reader! It's Monday, and wrestling starts in a few minutes. Can I just add something, before I do anything? The last post I did was, in my eyes, the best post I've ever done. Seriously.

Okay, post time! Yes, and it's time to steal someone else's ideas! I stole this one from ol' Dagger. She had this awesome post, where people would ask her questions via comment box, and she'd answer. It looked like fun, so I decided steal it! Here's the rules. Ask some questions in the comment box. I'll edit the post, with the answer to your question! Sounds fun? Sure it does! So ask away!


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