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Thursday, April 15, 2004

   Stolen Holiday
Good eve to you, dear readers! It's Thursday again! Yeehaw! Well, instead of posting something cool or funny, I stole some surveys from SJ, instead. Yes, I'm a lazy Flint, I know. But, these are pretty enjoyable! Read, then do one yourself!

General Information
State your full name.:Flint Jameson Javier Julius St. Marco the 4th, esquire
Do you like your name?:You know it!
If you could change it, would you, and to what?:Yep, to Jocko. That guy fuckin' rules.
Tell me your age.:Eighteen years of age, sir.
What do you want your wedding to be like?:Lots of bones and blood, and Andre's corps getting revenge on Hulk Hogan for bodyslamming him.
Tell me the perfect setting for when you have sex.:A few women, sans-clothing, lying on a bed of some sort.
Have you ever been in love?:Yes, once with Fujiko Mine, and once with an uptown girl.
Are you in love?:Yes, with myself.
Your opinions
Rock music is..:A tool used by society's outcasts to find a hopleless leverage to bond with the rest of the world.
Pop music is..:What plays when Mick Foley comes to a wrestling ring
Your thoughts on anarchy:Anarchy is for Englishmen.
Do you believe in God?:Yes. A God of Fire and Suffering!
Type of music:Anything that rocks
Band:River Bottom Nightmare Band
Thing to do:Turn inhaled oxygen into carbon dioxide, which is then expelled
Thing to say:"Heaven or Hell, it's your choice. But Bermuda is out of the question!"
Person to talk to:My parole officer
Subject in school:Lunchtime, bitch!
Parent:The ones who gave birth to me, I guess...?
Color, and why:Red, like the blood of the innocent
Author:Jocko. That guy fuckin' rules!
Book:Comic Books, preferably packed with sex and violence. That, or anything Jocko writes. That guy fuckin' rules.
Candy:Ring pop. If anyone sasses me, it's lollipop to the eye time!
Last, just random questions and things about you.
Do you like yourself?:You know it!
What do you like about yourself?:Everything!
What dont you like about yourself?:My liver. It's ugly.
Can you play any instruments?:Bass drum, cow bell, and the tamborine.
Are you depressed?:Nope.
Have you ever been suicidal?:All the time. I'm like a friggin' kamikaze pilot behind the wheel, dude.
Do you do drugs?:Where I come from, they call me "Crack Master". Does that answer your question?
Do you drink alcohol?:Are you kidding? My organs are swimming in a sea of booze as we speak, friend.
Do you miss anyone right now? Who?:Tony Danza. That guy brought the comedy.
What do you want to do with your life?:Destroy everything, then rebuild it in my image.
What's something you know you want to accomplish before you die?:Mastering my own fighting style, "Jocko-ryu".
Do you think that I love you?:Why wouldn't you? Unless your a dude, 'cause Flint don't swing like that.
You best, because I do.

About Yourself brought to you by BZOINK!

andy is...:Terry Bogard's Brother
you're...:Flint Marco, the greatest genius of all times and peoples.
i like monkies:because they jump around alot.
band is...:bringing the awesome!
can sex wait:If bathing and blood transfusions can wait, so can sex!
most horrible word...:"the"
'love' is used too often:in the world of Pro Wrestling.
speaking in rhyme is...:tizzy and fly. See, I rhymed some words!
woohu is...:not even a word. Ass.
football is...:called "soccer" in the good ol' U.S. of A.
is cheerleading a sport?:Sure, why not?
blondes are...:Hot and Sexy.
midgets are...:Hot and Sexy.
you hate...:Blondes and Midgets.
bananas are...:God's candy.
sunsets are...:When the Chupocabra suck blood from goats.
tattoos...:Are for sailors and Englishmen.
school is...:for stupid people.
my favorite thing is...:Blood and grief.
music...:Is the soundtrack of life.
favorite feature in the opposite sex is...:A Vagina.
instant messaging is...:one of the many perks of having the internet.
favorite flower is...:Flowers are for sissies.
pictures are...:worth a thousand bucks. Or something like that.
milk is...:Cow piss.
this survey...:Lacks any kind of comedic prowess.
shoes...:Are for feet.
favorite season is...:Autumn.
re-makes of old movies are...:Cool, I guess...?

random randomocity of life brought to you by BZOINK!

What comes to mind when you hear..
..rain?:Slipery Goodness
..summer love?:Sounds like a porno
..Jon?:Jonzz, the Martian Manhunter
..Shea?:Amakusa Shiro Tokisada
..banana?:Donkey Kong
..Laura?:That chick from "Hamtaro"
..Juan?:Valdez, the Columbian Coffee dude
..car?:My pimpin' ride, bitch!
..New Found Glory?:The good ol' U.S. of A.
..placebo?:Hyatt. I don't know why.
..orange juice?:O.J. Simpson
..candid camera?:D.J., from Full House
..sister?:Susan B. Anthony
..brother?:Abraham Lincoln
..football?:Texans, bitch!
..rap?:Dr. Dre
..pop?:Bubble wrap
..rock?:Barney Rubble
..punk?:Sifl and Olly
..baby?:no thanks...
..duuude?:It's, like.... so dark in here, dude....
..the end?:No! It can't end like this!

The Survey Where You Say The First Word That Comes To Mind. Yay. brought to you by BZOINK!

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