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Friday, April 7, 2006

   Post-a-mania X-7: This Time, it's Personal!
Welcome, bugs and ghouls, to my wonderous tapestry of madness! I'm Flint, and I'll be your guide. Today is Friday.

I love my expendable paycheck. I get paid every Thursday from my crappy job as a grocery checker. The great thing about it is they have a service booth that cashes your checks then and there, so thats instant money in my wallet. It's never a whole lot, but it suits my needs. What needs, you ask? Well, this morning, I headed to the mall, and came home with:

1 Robot Chicken DVD
1 Maus part 2 Graphic novel
1 Dave Batista action figure
1 Order of Chicken Wings from the food court
And a Cherry Coke.

And now, my paycheck is reduced to half. On things I don't need. Well, I needed my Maus fix. Read MAUS, everyone. It's great.

You know what I hate? I hate it when I want to buy a video game, and there's no video games that I want that are currently out. Seriously, every single game currently out either A) I already own, or B) I Dont care about/Hate. I just installed Fallout onto my computer for the millionth time. I'm trying to play through the game as a dim-witted strong-man, but it's tough when the only options of dialouge I have are "uuughh" and "oooggah". Tough, but fun.

Okay, I'm going now. Have fun now!


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