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Thursday, March 16, 2006

   No Time for Losers, 'cause I am the Champion of the World!
I'm surprised at how many people dislike Queen. It bothers me. Well, what can you do...

Howdy, pardners! Ah reckon my name's Flint, and welcome to Post City. Ah enforce all laws on this day, Thursday.

I've been having problems recently. My cell phone broke two days ago, which is fine by me. I kinda hate receiving phone calls in public, to tell the truth. The only problem is, I really used the hell out of it's "Memo Pad" feature, to write down information and such. As I type this, I have my entire schedule from my job for the rest of week and half of the next written crudely on my left arm. Not entirely fashionable.

My brother suggested that I get a pocket watch. I really could use a time peice of some kind, but I'm not a watch-kinda-guy. Eh, time's just a tool for the weak to measure their own decay.

And now, since I'm out of material, here's a round-table discussion about the current economy in the United States!

FLINT: Hi! I'm Flint Marco, and joining me tonight are Godzilla, Rorshach, and R2-D2. So, guys, how do you feel about the economy?

R2-D2: beep bleep bloop beep.



...Fun, right? Well, that's it. Have fun now!


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