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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Welcome to the Terrordome, readers! I'm Flint, and I am your tour guide. It's Saturday night, the last day of 2005!

Man, the year 2005 had lots of twists, eh? Like Flint coming back to full-time post duty, and probably other stuff, too.

Hey, guess what? It's obvious post time! Here's a few resolutions I made for myself to achieve this new year. Enjoy!

-I will finish Final Fantasy 7. Yes, I've never finished the game, even though it's been out forever.

-I will care for my car more, provided it stops acting up all the time.

-I will stop scowling so much.

-I will try to be nicer to people, and attempt to stop being such a misanthrope.

-I will give NWATNA a chance. It'd be nice for WWE to have some competition again.

-I will stop wearing dark clothes all the time, even though they look cool.

-I will resolve to get a skull tatoo on my eye, but I'll chicken out at the last minute.

-I will get "The Movies" to work on my computer.

-I will buy one of those World Heavyweight title belt wrist bands. Those are so gawdy and awesome.

-And finally, I will start college, no matter what.

There's a few resolutions for you. Do you have any resolutions?

See ya next year!


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