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Saturday, December 17, 2005

   Claus: A Survivor's Tale
Good evening, reader! My name is Flint, and on the Fifth day of Christmas, Saturday, I bring to you five rings of assorted power, including the One ring and a Green Lantern Power Ring.

Rejoice! For Flint is finished Christmas shopping. Yes, I've finally completed all shopping this year, and now, I'll sit back and enjoy not having to rush out anywhere. Ain't life grand? How's your holiday shaping up anyway, guys?

Y'know who's probably the laziest guy on the face of the Earth? Santa Claus. I mean, come on. The guy works one day a year. One freakin' day. And he has the nerve to complain about working for an uncaring populous? How many christmas movies have I seen where Santa quits or simply doesn't feel like making his midnight run? And what's the deal with the lifespan of ol' Saint Nick, anyway? Sometimes, He's an immortal, sometimes he's murdered and another takes his place, and still other times the title of "Santa" is passed down from person to person in a clandestine order of Santas. Someone please explain this to me!

Yep, that's all I got. See ya later.


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