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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Time to Panic!
Hey there, guys and dolls! This is your old pal, Flint Marco! It's Wednsday afternoon, and panic encompasses all of the Gulf Coast.

Hark! What comes hither? A big-ass hurricane! Category 3 or more, you say? Guess who's gettin' the hell outaa Dodge?

Why, it's your old pal, Flint!

The plan right now, is to head west. That's all I got. Mabey hit New Mexico or something. The hurricane is headed north, so there goes my original, "Get to Dallas" plan.

I'm kinda-sorta freaking out right now. I'm packing all kinds of stuff right now. Clothes, books, snacks. Everyone seems to have taken the water from the stores before I could. That kinda sucks.

This fear I'm feeling is also accompanied by a strange sense of adventure. This might be fun. Fleeing for my life from a hurricane, I mean.

Well, I got things to do. Have fun now!


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