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Saturday, September 17, 2005

G'Day, ol' mates! I'm Blinky Flint. I've bet you've heard of me! I'm livin' in Austrailia, in a eucalyptus tree!

Am I the only guy on Earth who even remembers "Blinky Bill"? As a matter of fact, I remember a lot of obscure shows from my childhood? Man, does anyone remember all those "foursomes of creatures" cartoons, whose sole purpose of existing was to mooch off the Ninja Turtles? Boy, there was "Street Sharks", and "Extreme Dinosaurs" and all manner of beast in between.

Have you ever met a person who hasn't ever watched a show, and it totally pisses you off? The other day, I talked to a guy who claimed to never have heard of "Muppet Babies". Honestly, how the hell does one go about living his life without ever, EVER watching "Muppet Babies"? When I was a kid, I couldn't avoid watching the damn show! I still look over my shoulder these days, watching to see if Animal is lurking, waiting to scream "Go Bye-Bye!"

I can remember where I was when I first watched "Barney and Friends". I was still a kid, and I heard a promo on the radio for the show. Of course, the only Barney I knew was Barney Rubble, so naturally, I assumed this was a spinoff of "The Fintstones".

I remember running home from school, totaly jacked to see what ol' Mr. Rubble was gonna do to top Fred Flintstone, thus proving himself top dawg in Bedrock city. I raced to the kitchen (because that's where the Television was. It was early 90's, what do you want?), flipped on to the public broadcasting network (Channel 8, bay-bee!), and took a seat on the floor, waiting for Barney to take center stage.

Of course, what I got was a purple dinosaur and a bunch of creepy kids. What a bust.

It was a mini-tradition in my family that my father would take my and my brother to see the Ninja Turtles movies when they came out. You gotta understand, back in the day, I was the biggest ninja turtles fan in the world. I had to have all the toys, watch the cartoons whenever I could, and eat as many TMNT pies with that slimey goop inside as I could. Of course, the first movie rocked, and the second rocked harder.

The third movie rolled around, and my father was unable to take me to see it. I had to see it, though, by any means. Thankfully, I was invited by my aunt and cousins to see the flick. Now, I kinda sorta didn't like my cousins too much then, but I bit my lip and went with it. I would watch this goddamn movie if I had to assassinate the Pope to do it!

The third movie sucked. To this day, I think it blew because my father wasn't there to see it with me.

Okay, I have no idea why I've written all of this, but here it is. I gotta go now. See ya.


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