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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Tribute to Shanny, by Flint Marco
Good eve, it's Flint, yada yada yada. Look, do you really want to hear all this? Good, 'cause I don't feel like writing it.

You're probably asking yourself, "Hey Flint, you always do a goofy introduction. Why not tonight?" Well, friends, I'm not doing it because this post is not about me, for once.

No, this post is for our friend, whom we have dedicated the entire month of September to.

Yes, friends, this post goes out to our friend, Shanny.

She goes by many names. I call her "Shanster", "Fellow Pharoh", and most importantly, "Friend, "Amigo" and "Accomplaice".

Shanny and me have been pals almost since I first arrived here. In fact, we're such good friends that she doesn't mind the grammer error that I made in that last sentence (if any of you caught that by the way, you're a total nerd). Since then, we've been outlaws, partners in crime, pharohs, Hell, she's even the one and only member of my ultra-obscure club, forever christened "The Shanny-Flint Connection". Can't beat that.

I can spout things that most everyone's saying. Shanny's the nicest, the greatest friend, the bestest person. But I'd like to say something that comes from my heart.

Thank you, Shanny. For everything.

Enjoy your month, Amigo. You deserve it.


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