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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

   Once More, with more Oomph!
Saluton, readers! Flint returns once more, to smile upon the world as only he can! It's Wednsday today, and I do heart days off, let me tell you.

Man, but I didn't do jack today. Talk about lazy days. I need some credit, guys. Seriously. It has come to my attention that I don't own a credit card. Me, Flint Marco, who is kinda-technically an adult, does not own a super-mature manly credit card.

I know this because today, I found the awesomest Arcade Cabinet. It was a Pac-Man 25th aniversary machine, that played Pac-Man, Miss Pac-Man, and my personal favorite, Galaga. It was expensive as hell, of course. And I don't really have $100 to my name, let alone over $1000. Cry tears for Flint, friends, for his dreams are crushed.

What are Flint's Dreams? Let me tell you!


5. Build a House on the Moon
4. Book a Wrestling Show
3. Go to Japan
2. Own an Arcade Cabinet
1. Write a Book

Yep, those are my dreams. Pretty wild, huh?

I've noticed how awesome people's intros are around here. Then I look at mine, and become depressed. Should I change the intro? Si or no?

Okay, I'll do funny stuff next time. See ya whenever.


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