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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   Get Ready for Fun! Posts, Fresh off the Griddle!
.yadseuT si yadoT !sdneirf, worrom dooG

Now, I'm positive that means something Satanic, but I'm still trying to figure it out.

Anyway, welcome to yet another edition of... well, posting by Flint. How was your day? Mine was okay. As far as days go, it was pretty sub-par, but I can't complain.

I'm watching wrestling right now. I mean, as I'm writing this, I'm viewing wrestling. What is up with Road Warrior Animal teaming with Heidenreich? Why are they billing them as the New Legion of Doom? I know Road Warrior Hawk is dead, and that kinda makes it hard to form a tag team, but I think it's just a little disrespectful to the Road Warriors mythos. But what the hell do I know? I'm Flint Marco!

Speaking of wrestling, I just bought the new Undertaker compilation DVD. It was pretty kinda awesome. I think WWE could have probably sprung a few extra bucks on the friggin' case. I'm not fond of the "Tom Clancy Three-Pack" casing, where three discs are stacked one on top of the other.

Okay, enough wrestling. Time for fun!

There's a hurricane in the Atlantic, apparently. I don't know. I heard it on the news. Anyway, EVERYONE is panicing! Hurricane? Sweet Baby Zeus, is is coming over here?! Fear not! For Flint, your k'nigit in rusty armor is here to save you...save you with KNOWLEDGE!


-Know the name of the Hurricane nearest you. This way, you can try asking it to go away, and if worse comes to worse, curse it's name as you die a horrible death.

-Rain is fun to splash in. When you see rain, immediately run outdoors and run in circles, soaking the delicious skywater. However, if the rain turns to hail, run back inside or you'll be bludgeoned to death by God's Wrath.

-Keep stuff around your house! Like what? Books, for floating. Food, for eating. Pets, for eating as well. Flares, for riot-starting. And finally, a Gun, for when you emerge from the wreckage and enter into the sea of destroyed humanity awaiting you.

-Keep a radio, so you can have something to jam out to while the world around you is systematically destroyed.

Good advice, huh? That's all Flint despenses!

See ya whenever.


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