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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

   Incoming Fun! It's Post Time!
My dear fiends, er, friends, WELCOME to my world of majik and mayhem! I spell "magic" differently 'cause, like I said, it's a world of mayhem. It's also Tuesday, if anyone cares. I sure as hell don't.

So, your ol' pal Flint is at work today, right? And he noticed some pretty peculiar things. Like, for instance, there was a Mexican flag hanging from the ceiling, and hanging from it, a giant Hershey kiss. In what context can the National Flag of Mexico and tiny chocolate peices be brought together? Also, at the magazine rack, there was a magazine with a guy wearing a pope hat. He apparently died. Now, I'm not HUGE into religion, but I know that man wasn't the pope. All I could think of is vengence for that dude. All day, I repeated to myself:

"You'll pay for what you did to Juan Pablo the third. You'll PAY!"

Hey, guess what? Survey time! Fun is interaction, and that's what this post is!



Hey, kids! Welcome to my short survey! Answer these questions, and let Flint know what YOU, the viewer, would like to see from him!

1) Okay, let's say you need an organ transplant. I don't care which. Anyway, you don't have the money to pay for it, and you'll die slowly and agonizingly if you don't get it. How do you make the money?

A: Bake Sale!
B: Robbing Old People!
C: Killing Kittens and selling their pelts!
D: Building Makeshift Monuments to World Leaders out of Cans and stuff!

2) You're walking in the local orphanage, and feeling the somehow-humorous human misery of the place. Suddenly, a huge fire erupts! What the heck do you do?!

A: Run the hell out, pushing anyone in the way out of the way.
B: Grab anything and anyone you see, and throw it into the fire. Surley too much stuff on fire woud cancel out fire!
C: Call the Ghostbusters, even though this is clearly not a job for them.
D: Jump into the fire, then run out engulfed in flames, then begin hugging everyone around you.

3: Pirates! Blackbeard and his crew have burst into your humble abode. The pirates are drunk, most are pantsless, and all of them are in search of one thing: Gold dabloons! Answer now!

A: Pull out your deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and summon the hell out of Exodia. EXODIA, OBLITERATE!
B: Surrender like a mad dog.
C: Call Superman via smoke-signals.
D: Grab the artillary and CHARGE!

4: Hey, guess what? While you were out, Batman called! He said the Justice League wanted to sign you up, but you need a code name. Which do you choose?

A: Human Lawndart, the living battering ram!
B: Hobbes, able to summon imaginary cats via stuffed animals!
C: Forkmaster, deadly assasin trained in the use of forks!
D: the Printer, able to copy any text you see onto paper!

5: The Final Question! ....What is the Capitol of Rhode Island?!

A: ....I don't know.
B: Fuck you, Flint Marco!
C: Die!
D: Providence!

L'et es Fini


Yep, what fun! Right? Sure I'm right!

Okay, I'm leaving. See ya!


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