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Friday, August 12, 2005

   Posting Up a Storm
Hola, mi amigos! This is your old friend, Flint Marco! Today is Friday, and I gotta say, I'm quite taken by Fridays. There ain't no wrestling on, but there's other stuff, of which escapes me at the moment.

Yep, your friend Flint's got work in a few hours. Don't you hate workin'? So do I. Stupid capitalist government, and their archaic notions of "paper currency". What happened to the days where you could drag a dead duck into a store, and barter for soap with it? Those were the good ol' days...

So, anyway, I'm terrible with money. I got paid yesterday. See, I get paid by my crappy job every Thursday. I only work part-time, so it was, like, two-hundred something bucks I got. I hit the local "Best Buy" first, where I buy an awesome Shawn Michaels DVD. Man, that was awesome. Then, I go to my crappy local comics shop, where I spend an assload on stupid things I'll probably regret buying later. Now, I'm left with $37. Between gas and my car acting up again, I'm not sure how long the cash will last me. All, I know is, in half a day, I manage to blow my entire paycheck on dumb stuff. Don't be like Flint, kids! SAVE SOME MONEY!

Man, is it me, or do my posts seem to be getting a little selfish? They sure do revolve around me most of the time...

I'm bored...



Hello, Molly, and viewing audience. This is the news. My name is Flint, and I'll be your anchor this evening. Today, we'll be discussing politics with the governer of Texas, P.T. Barnum.

FLINT: Hello, Mr. Barnum. Thanks for coming.

BARNUM: No problem, kiddo. (looks off camera) No, that ring needs to be in the center! THE CENTER! Man, I gotta stop hiring trained bears.

FLINT: So, how's the economy in Texas?

BARNUM: If people would buy more circus peanuts, it'd be a lot better.

FLINT: Circus peanu-


(a brick flies into the back of Flint's skull, as Barnum ducks under his chair)


BARNUM: You okay? Those clowns're pretty mean if you don't acknowledge their presence.

FLINT: Sonova-

CLOWN: 'Ey, Flint! Us clowns gots plenty more where DAT comes from! (Clowns cheer)

FLINT: Why did you throw a brick at my skull?!

CLOWN: 'Cause it's funny! Watch DIS! (Clowns begin juggling and running around. Barnum soon joins them.)

FLINT: ...this interview is over.

...okay, so what did we learn? I don't know, that's why I'm asking you. Why must I always have the answers?

I'm done. Oh, hey, I was out for quite a while. Did I miss anything? Got something to say to ol' Flint? That's what the comment box is for.

Alright. See you later, alligator!


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