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Thursday, June 19, 2008

   Scissor Kick Nightmare
Y'all lend me your power! Flint's here! How's it going? I'm pretty great.

Right now, I'm hemorrhaging money. It's mostly my fault, too. I have all my bills under control, so it's not that. I feel the insatiable need to just go out and buy stupid things. For instance, yesterday I purchased a really sweet framed "Back to the Future Part II" double film cell set. What can I possibly do with this thing, besides do horrible Doc Brown impressions whenever anyone makes mention of it? Cost me all of ninety bucks. I'm helping stimulate the goddamn economy, I like to tell myself. I'm an action hero, that's what I do!

I've developed a taste for chili recently. I like to try all kinds. Thoughts?

This whole vicinity I'm in is under siege by crickets. It's like the entire cricket armies of the world have converged in my town, and just started their bid for conquest. Seriously, I kill one, two more take his place! It's a battle we as humans cannot hope to win.

I guess that's the jist of it. See ya later!

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