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Hey im fishyk.d1234 !!! I am beyond bored today.. My other otaku is Colombiakitty12.. I am sort of confused on which one to use. So i decided that I am going to use the BOTH of them

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey I am in Maryland right now. I am sorry if I haven't been on in awhile.. well i'm having so much fun. Tommy my adorable puppy is sitting on my lap as we speak. So he is actually being calm right now.. Well love you all be back soon. Happy early birthday Chrissy!!!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

   Everyone asks me wat's new ?
i always say nm u ? Let me think about wat's new :

1. labtop... jealous ?? :)
2. maryland...
3. new hairstyle.. friday
4. mom having surgery..
5. nothin..
7. "one missed call" not the movie but the RINGTONE.. no one else will understand but chrissy

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   i love this movie !!!! Freedom Writers

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   hey i am starting anew..
Who knew that it took so long to modify your posts !!! Well anyways this week is going to be fun but like i don't know why but im nervous about it.. Whatever I guess.. My schedule:
Tue - Watch " The Secret Life Of The American Teenager.. well before that i went to the doctors with my mom..
Wed- Doctors ... that's it...
Thurs - idk yet..
Friday- hair than go to union city than Tia Monica comes.. YAY hopefully everyone arrives for the baby shower on sat.
Sat- Baby Shower
Sun- Maryland
Mon- or today leave for maryland

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