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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   I took a littile quizy survey thingy I found on Kraven's site.

Random Randomness
About You
Name?:Alicia but call me Fishi
Birthdate?:April 1st, no lie
Hair Color?:two toned, blue top black bottom
Eye Color?:grey-blue
Why is the sky blue?:cuz it felt like it
What are your fears?:...going to a asylum...
Bugs are...:bugs...
TV or a book?:book
Are you the life of the crowd?:nope
Most embarassing moment?:i had to get up infront of the school on first day of high school and talk
Coke or Pepsi?:coke
What sports do you enjoy?:hockey
Do you play any instruments? If so, what?:yeah, violin and bass
Do you like animals?:sure...why not
Color?:blue black and white
Alcoholic drink?:umm...hard question
Place to be?:room or the creek
Smell?:the smell of fire
Sound?:gun shots
Time of day?:night
Flower?:white roses
Song?:to many to list
Band/Artist?:MCR, The Used, and too many to put on the line
Number? Why?:13 cuz of all the superstition surrounding it
Love, and all that other crap.
Are you in love?:no
Do you want to be?:not really
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:no
If so, what's his/her name?:...
Any crushes?:no
Plan to get married? (not necessarily to anybody listed in this quiz):i don't really want to make a comitment that big
Want kids?:hell no
How long have you been together? (if you have one):...
Everybody's going to the party...you in?:no
Nicknames?:Fishi and smart ass
Time you usually wake up?:any time I feel like it
Best movie?:Moon Child
Your most vauled possesion?:my cross necklece I got when I was little
Most memorable moment?:i dunno
Dream Car?:a blue '69 mustang
Easiest person to make you laugh?:my older brother
Last quote you heard?:go to hell
What are you allergic to?:nothing
Do you shower everyday?:yes
Shoe size?:6 in a half. I'm small! ^^
What do you sleep in?:emily the strange pajamas
Do you share your bedroom with a sibling?:used to
Gone skinny dipping?:no
Thought about killing anybody?:I go to a preppy high school..you think I don't?
Cuss?:yes, all the time
Got into a fist fight?:lots of times
Cheated on a bf/gf?:neever had one sooo how could I?
Snuck out of your house at night?:almost every week
Done drugs?:no
Drink alcohol?:yes
Smoke?:no I will never do that
Been arrested?:not yet.
Ever have thoughts of suicide?:since I got into high school yes
Name three things next to your computer...:My arm warmers...my pens and pencils...paper
Do people tell you you're good looking?:no
Do you think you are?:not really
What's your best physical feature?:my hands
What's your best mental feature?:dunno
Do you own a pool?:no
Do you like chocolate?:no
Would you ever sky dive?:hell yes
Are you afraid of roller coasters?:no I love em
Best halloween costume you ever wore?:I made a Costume like Dark's cloths from DNangel
How many states have you been to?:4 i think...
Best holiday?:halloween
What is your ideal way to die?:a gun
Name something you can't get enough of...:anime...nya...
How do you release stress?:write, draw, play music
Are you artistic?:kinda yeah
Ever wished on a shooting star?:yeah
You have three wishes...what are they?:Have my other older brother come back home, my dad to get out of Jail, and my step mom to go to hell
Are you a good story teller?:i guess
Are you a strong-willed person?:sure
Do you like to burn candles or incense?:yeah, do it all the time
Do you tan easily?:no. I don't like to go out when it's really sunny
Worst feeling in the world?:regret
Do you catch yourself using online terms in real life? (ex: lol):no
Do you think you need therapy?:maybe
What kind of movie would you star in?:action...horror
Are you a likeable person?:not really
What's your greatest accomplishment?:I got my own bass instead of using my brothers...whippidy do
Biggest regret?:not saying goodbye to my brother 4 years ago
What's your ideal way to be proposed to?:dunno
YAY! You won the lotto...what do you buy?:...a drum set!! XD
The quote you try to live your life by?:You don't need other people to tell you how you are, you only need yourself too.- My brother told me that beofre he left
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