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Friday, July 13, 2007

July, 13, 2007

Hello everyone!!

Today is going to be boring. ><

But I might get to go over to my friends house!
So that'll make the day more fun.

Other than that nothing is happing...I think I want to change my theme again but that's probably just the boredom talking. XD
I change this thing way too much. o.o I only put this theme up a day or so ago.

But anyway, If I do change it it'll be to either Reborn! or Death Note. A few days ago I watched the last episode or Death Note and almost cried! Even though I was expecting the ending because I read the manga. It was so much sadder!!

Just because I have nothing else a post, here's a link to it. XD
Death Note, ep. 37

Pic Time!

Another Hibari pic!


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