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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   I'm back once more! XD

I said I'd be on more often since midterms ended, but.... things kind of changed unintentionally. XDD

The reason I haven't been on is because I've been reading my new book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It is such a great book! XDD Finished reading it during my spare time this whole week. Reason I wasn't on. ^^; Gomen ne..

Well.. I have a 3 day weekend and no homework. (Squee~ X3) So, I'll be working on alot of artwork! I need to get more of them done by today since I've saved enough money in my wallet to get a PS2. (Which I'll spend all day playing it tomorrow, thus, need to get drawings done. :D)

B-day and art trade pics:

Snow Phoenix, XoMEWmewHANNAHxO,aragorn1014, Frostwhisker, KeybladeMewKasa, Anonymous Wolfie

I think that's it, but if I forgot to add you, let me know.^^; I'm kinda out of it right now. -.- ZZzzZZZzzZZz...

Probably won't be on next week either since I just ordered the next volume of Twilight.^^ If you haven't read it, I recommend it. It's really amazing. :D

Have a great week everyone! Good luck with everything.^^

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   Back~ ^.^

Guess who's back on theo? xD lol I haven't been on in a week due to midterms. I don't think I did that well on it either.^^"

I haven't been able to draw because I've been studying, but I got the chance to practice my side-views during my chinese class! ^^ I finally know how to draw my style of side-views now! XDDD

Well... since I haven't been on for a week, I'm pretty sure I missed alot of things. o.o I also need to get working on the art trades, b-day gifts, and other things I need to draw. XD Wish me luck!

So how have all of you been? Did I miss anything? ^^

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Monday, October 22, 2007

   *chokes on ashes* xD;

Happy B-day Wowie!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
A really late birthday present for Wowie! ^^ I'm sorry it took so long but I only seen to be able to draw one pic during the weekends since school's got me pretty much busy all the other days. -.-

Well, there's a wild fire somewhere near us so I've been having alot of power outages. @.@ There's a huge wind and one of our trees got blown over. XD If you look outside, everything is like a desert color, and it reeks of ashes everywhere. (It's raining ashes!! >.<) The last time I could remember a wild fire this bad was... 2 years ago? Everything was covered in ashes and we had problems breathing.^^" But... the good thing is there's no evacuation for our neighborhood... yet. Hopefully not. XD

Sayura-chan, I'm so sorry for taking so long on replying to your pms and finishing your b-day gift. T.T I've been able to get the sketch done, but I'm afraid to ink it.^^"

Midterms are definately coming up either the 1st or 2nd of November and I just want to get it over with. Too much homework is being thrown at us because of it. lol

My first homecoming is going to be next Saturday! ^-^ I'm not exactly as excited as most of my friends (who only want to go for the guys.. *sigh*) but I'm happy I'll be able to go. Afterall, if I don't like it this year, I won't attend any other ones in the next 3 years of high school. XD I think it's from 7 to 12 midnight, but I have the feeling I won't be able to leave before then since my friend is taking me. Ehhh... hopefully I won't fall asleep there, ne? xD

That pretty much sums it up for this week.^^ Other than b-day gifts and that art trade with Snow Phoenix (I'm so sorry it's taking so long. TT~TT) I also have a halloween pic I'm hoping to get up. Doubt I'll be able to, but I can still hope.^^"

1. Anything exciting going on?

2. Have you witnessed in any natural disasters? (I hate wild fires! >.< And I still have school tomorrow too.. TT.TT)

3. Since I've already asked enough questions about Halloween in the past, anyone already ready for Christmas? XD

4. If you could spend a day with anyone you want, who would you choose?^^

Have a great week everyone! Take care of yourself! ^.^

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Monday, October 15, 2007

   New Art At Last!

Wowie's Contest

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
Yay! Finally I got the chance to post a new artwork! XD lol My contest entry for Wowie's contest.^^ Go see? lol

I've been so busy this past week with homework and probably will be this week as well. Reason: midterms are coming up. XD But I'll still comment and vote on new artwork if not the day it's posted, then the upcoming weekend.^^

Well, nothing really new for me except school school school! lol I'm sure it's the same for some of you too. ^^ But one exciting news came to me this morning! My friend Becca (use to be on here as Frozen Tear Drop) is planning for me to go visit her in New Hampshire this summer with anyone one of my friends.^^ I'm already planning on buying the ticket but the thing I'm worried about is riding the plane alone. T.T Well, Rachel will be with me, but I'm still a bit terrified.^^"

I'm pretty sure I commented on most of the artwork posted, if not I'm really sorry. TT.TT Please let me know and I'll go comment as soon as I get the chance!

Sayoko-chan, thanks so much for the welcome back.^^ It means alot!
Sayura-chan, Happy belated b-day! I'll try and get that pic done as soon as I can! ^^

1. Have you ever rode an airplane without an adult? If not, would you want to? ^^"

2. Busy with school? XD

3. Any new artwork that I missed? ^^" (I've been asking that question frequently..)

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back if not during the weekdays, then the weekend! ^^ *hugs*

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Monday, October 8, 2007

   Guess who's baaaaack~ lol

My internet's fixed! ^^ Yay~ lol

I'll start commenting on artwork and posts I missed when I get back from school tomorrow, and be prepared for new art! (haven't drawn anything in a week now. x_x lol) Also, be prepared for a new Halloween theme! That is if I can get that picture up in time.. ^^"


1. Did I miss anything? :)

2. How was your week?

3. Anything planned for Halloween? (I know I've asked something similar to this before, but I'm just excited.^^" Sorry..)

4. Have you ever been in cornfield maze before? (went with my friend Cathers on Saturday. We were stuck in there for about an hour. XD)

Have a great day everyone! *hugs*

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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm on my step mom's computer and I'm just here to tell you that the internet on my laptop isn't work. ^^;; We're hopefully getting that fixed on the upcoming weekend. Sorry if I haven't been replying to pms or new art. TT.TT I'll make sure to do that once the internet on my laptop starts working again >>;; Sorry everyone! *hugs*

Have a great week and talk to all of you when I get back! ^-^

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

   Happy Belated B-day Koii~ :3

Happy B-day Koii!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
B-day giftie for Koii-chan! Sorry I'm a day late..^^" Ish Kokkoii-Matoku's Kingdom Hearts OC: Misha! :3 She's so kawaii.^^ I worked hard on this one >.< lol

Lets see... On Tuesday, there was a student who thought it'd be funny to get out of school on that day so he called the school using his cell phone saying that there was a bomb somewhere on campus. Everyone was evacuated to the football field and everyone cheered when the principle annouced that we'd be going home due to safey regulations. WELL.. I waited there for 3 hours along with half of the students since they called everyone's name one at a time to get our emergency card to be able to leave. =_=;; Everyone knew the bomb threat was a fraud, but if it were real, we'd all be dead by then x_x Someone who really planted a bomb somewhere on campus wouldn't wait 3 hours for everyone to leave and the blow up the school. So.. the evacuation system stinks. >>;; Worst of all, we might even have to make up that school day by going to school during the weekends. -.- *sigh*

Other than that, nothing really happened this week. xD lol But we do have alot of homework to make up for it though. ^^;;

Welcome back animegirly! We missed you so much! X3 *huggles*

Sayura-chan, get that pic posted! I can't wait! ^-^

Ano.... there was something I wanted to say.. but I don't remember anymore. Gomen ne..


1. Anything like that happened to your school before? ^^" (This isn't the first time for me..)

2. We have ants at our house! XD Diiiieeeeee!! lol

3. Are you ready for winter? :3

4. Guess what I'm being for Halloween? XD

5. How late do you usually stay up till?

Have a great day everyone! *hugs* Ja ne~

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Monday, September 17, 2007

   Happy B-day Aerith-chan! ^-^

Chibiz! Happy B-day!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
New pic for Aerith-chan! ^-^ Happy b-day!! *gives you Mountain Dew and chibis* Well if you like chibis, please check my new pic.^^ 3 chibis on one page! Whoo~ XD lol

Ehh.. staying up late tonight.^^" I have an online project due today and it has to be submitted by 11:59pm and I haven't statted yet. I procrastinate too much.. @.@"

Thank you so much Sayoko-chan for those super kawaii pics! X3 I have them printed out and put them in my binder. XD lol

I have tons of gift and b-day pics I need to work on this week so hopefully I'll be able to submit more pics soon.^^

One more thing... homecoming is next month and I really do want to go with my friends.. demo.. a ticket is 60 something USD. And I also would need to buy a dress if I plan on going (though I rather just go in jeans and a nice top. -.-) . Money is kind of short in our house right now.. so I don't want to ask my step mom for that much money just to go to a dance that lasts a few hours. I know she would let me, but I really don't want to waste her money when it could be used to buy the necessities.. *sigh* If only a friend of mine wasn't going.. then they could just come over to my house that night and we won't be lonely the next day when everyone starts talking about how much fun it was. =_=

lol Well other than that, I'm doing okay.^^ Still a bit nervous about that guy in my Chinese class.. but that's normal. XD

I'll try my best to work on my manga more. That way you don't have to wait over a month for just 3 pages. lol ^^


1. What coloring tool/software do you want most? (Copic markers.. TT.TT lol)

2. Are you involved in any clubs or sports?

3. What's your hardest/ most frustrating class so far? (There's about 2-3 hours worth of homework for just English.. @.@)

4. Do you like the new theme? ^^ (Sorry a bit plain.. )

Have a great week everyone! Ja ne!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   KHR Returns! ^.^

Kingdom Hearts Remix

I finally added more pages to my manga! XD lol (Click the pic above to go tto page 3) three new pages ^.^ Sorry for the wait.

I'm going to change my theme on the next post! XD Yay finally! ^_^ lol

It was kind of embarrassing for me today during my Chinese class.
There's this Junior guy that I like in my group (there are 5 of us that are in Chinese 2 students in a Chinese 1 class, in a circle in the back of the class. XD). We were doing independent work and I was listening to my ipod so I couldn't hear anything around me and wasn't really paying attention. Apparently he was sharing his Nerds Rope candy with everyone at the table and I wasn't paying attention so I didn't notice. He asked me if I wanted some, but I didn't notice notice and he waved it in my face. Still didn't notice since my head was bent down and copying work. Then he got impatient and whacked the candy at my desk and I jumped and squeaked. ^^" Then he asked, "Do you want any?" and I just replied with a stuttering 'no thank you.' ^^" *sigh* I was so embarrassed. >//////<

lol, another funny story from Sakurie. ^_^

Nothing more really. I will be finishing up b-day presents and hopefully art trades this weekend. :D

1. What do you think the theme would be? (Someone said it in the last post.^^)

2. Has something similar to that happened to you? ^^;

3. Are you doing anything this weekend? :D

4. What's your favorite color rose? (white roses ^.^)

Hope you are doing well and have a great day! :3


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

   Ohayo gozaimasu!

"Moshi moshi?"

Ano... to start off, no school today! :D School said it was a 'Board Holiday' so yeh, no complaining there. =3

And since I have today off.. I'll be able to work on more artwork and try my best to finish all my unfinished art trades and b-day pics in time.^^;

It was really funny yesterday. (Well, during that moment. XD) I came home from school and I unlocked my front door and went in. There is no one home, as usual, so I was okay with the silence, but then I start hearing people talking. I was so freaked out! My first thought was "Who the heck could be in my house?". My second thought was "Oh my gosh, they're men's voices.". I thought that someone had broken into my house or something since it's not uncommon and out of nowhere, I hear someone yell, "WHOOOOOOOO~!!!!" And I froze. I listened more carefully and realized that the voices were coming from my backpack and I was REALLY confused. I opened it and found that my ipod had been accidentally turned on and the podcast for TheOtaku was playing at full volume. XD I just sat there and started laughing, I'm so pathetic. ^^;; lol

Okay, enough of my random stories. Ummm.. not sure what I'm going to do about the tie-breaker thing for Kagi's Contest, but I might just get a few more random judges and let them decide.^^ Either way, they'll both still be 1st place and recieve a prize. :D

Btw, watched Death Note the Movie and Death Note: The Last Name yesterday. I LOVE it! XDD It's actually has a pretty good plot and everything. A bit confusing at times, but still pretty good.^^

1. Have you ever heard of Death Note? Is so, what do you think of it. If not, would you be interested in that type of movie? ^^ (It's not scary.. at all. Or else I wouldn't be watching it.^^;)

2. Have you ever tried drawing a picture with every principle and element included? Would you challenge yourself to do so? lol (Art teacher made us do so, mine took me well over 9 hours. @.@")

3. How many hours of homework do you usually have?

4. What was the first anime that you saw?

5. Random: Summer or Winter?

Have a great day everyone!^^ Sayonara bai bai~ *hugs*

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