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Monday, February 20, 2006

   Mr. 2, I Love You!!
4Kids TV sucks!! They took off One Piece, but continued to play it on Toonami!! I don't have cable or satellite or whatever, so I don't get to watch it anymore! *sob, sob* However, I was at my grandma's house this weekend, and she has cable. So guess what? I got to see Mr. 2!!! :D YAY!! I've been waiting to see that episode ever since the One Piece anime came to America! I've never been so excited!! I'm such a huge fan of Bon Clay-sama!! ^ ^ If I was a guy, I'd marry him in a heartbeat!!....heh, heh...anyway, I just wish they could have left his okama-ness alone. But either way, you know he's gay. There's no way to hide it! OKAMA WAY FOREVER!!! XD
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