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Saturday, January 28, 2006

YYYAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! Exams are FINALLY over!!! :D I'm so glad it's the weekend now! I haven't had a decent sleep at all this week. Final and mid-term exams are so stressful. But now we can all relax...aahhh... So! *claps hands* I'm really looking forward to watching 4Kids TV next week! I miss Shaman King, Fighting Foodons, Ultimate Muscle, and all the good anime shows they took off the air. But since they're gonna have that "Blast from the Past" superbowl type thingy that they do every year, I'll get to see them again! (I just hope those damn Ninja Turtles don't win again!) Oh, also my favorite episode of G.I. Joe Sigma 6 will be on next week! ^ ^ I've been watching that show lately, but I'm not even sure if I like it or not. I just think Tunnel Rat is awesome!
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