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Friday, November 18, 2005

My poor One Piece...
OK, so we didn't get to see the Bad Poets. *sob, sob* Maybe next time...*sigh* "I am so sad right now." (~Zelos Wilder) 4KidsTV isn't going to play One Piece this weekend!! Or MewMew Power!! That totally ruins my Saturday!! (Well, not completely. I still have Yu-Gi-Oh and SonicX.) I hope they aren't gone for good...

All right, let's try a happier topic. Um...we unlocked Crocodile the other day! Yay! ^ ^ In fact, I think we've almost completed the game! It's just sooooo much fun! :D Oh, by the way, if I can ever figure out how to work my scanner, I'll try to post some of my artwork. (I hope you guys will like my Neko Willy Wonka!) Teehee! ^ ^ Well, hooroo for now!

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