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Friday, October 23, 2009

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY~!! ^^ Wow, I've /really/ been slacking on posting... ^^;; I'm so sorry, guys! *bows* I blame school. It's been crazy-busy so far this year. >.< Not fun. Between school, homework, work study, and work at the store, I've barely had any free time. Makes me sad. T_T But anyway...A lot has happened, so let's get to it~! I'll try to keep it somewhat brief. ^^;

First of all, I might as well announce that today is my birthday~!! X33 *throws confetti* w00t! Yay me! XD Holy crap...I'm 20. O.O Wow...I'm not sure how to feel about that. O.o It's..kinda weird. My teenage years are gone. T^T *dons funeral clothes* But I'm sure I'll adjust. I bet no one's gonna believe that I'm 20. XD People still think I'm 14 or 15. At least I can be guaranteed to age beautifully. XDD Haha!

Second, it's been really quiet around here. o3o My brother is away at his first year of college, and it just isn't the same here without him. v.v I really miss him...But he says he's having an amazing time, and absolutely loves it there. (He's at Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute, studying to be a chef. =3) Luckily, I get to talk to him fairly often online, and he's only two hours away, so he can still come home sometimes. ^^ It's not the same as having him /here/ all the time, but at least we can easily keep in touch, and I'm happy to know he's having fun. ^^

So, like I said before, life has been super busy. =w= Late nights and lots of work...Haven't been getting much sleep. I mean, when I do sleep, it's like a log, but I'm just not getting enough hours. Weekends get piled up with homework, so I rarely have time to relax. I'm definitely looking forward to a break. This week, I've been dealing with midterms. =P Bleh. I'll be glad when they're over.

Oh hey, I didn't get to tell you guys about how the convention went, huh? Well, it was pretty darn AWESOME~!! X33 Luckily, there was a fairly decent crowd of One Piece cosplayers, so my Inazuma outfit was quite popular with them. =D I'm glad there were people there that recognized me. I'll have to post pics for you guys sometime soon. ^^ I also got to meet some of my friends from deviantART for the first time in real life, and that was definitely the highlight of the con. They're soooo sweet~! X3 AND I'm most likely going to another convention in November! X3 Exciting stuff~!

Hmm...I guess that's all the big news I can think of off the top of my head. Sorry for the lack of updates 'till now, and the lack of comments for you guys, too. ^^; I'll try to work on that. Well, guess I'd better keep studying...Even though it's 1:20 AM. >.> Meh. No big deal. XD Hooroo for now~!

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