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Friday, July 24, 2009

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY~!! ^^ Golly, I know I've been lazy about posting again. ^^; *bows* Well, not too much has been going on. I'm either working or lazing about these days. XD Nothin' new. Work has been quite good to me, and I'm making lots of money. Yay! ^^ I have a lot of things I should be drawing and reading and writing and watching, buuuut...I just haven't felt like or gotten around to doing them. ^^; Eventually...We'll see.

But anyway, today is my brother's 18th birthday~! ^^ Yay! Hooray! *throws confetti* I'm so proud of him~! X3 Unfortunately, we aren't really celebrating today cuz our mom's away, and both my bro and I are working this afternoon. But we're gonna try to do it on Tuesday, since that'll be the first day where everyone is free. But he said he really doesn't mind waiting. Which is strange, cuz he's usually a very impatient person. XD Haha. But anyway, our dad may be taking us out to lunch before work, or something like that, so it should be nice. ^^ Happy b-day, lil' bro~!! X33

And the last bit of news: next weekend is ConnectiCon, and I am sooooo excited~!! X333 It's gonna be amazing~! We're going for all three days this year, and it should be heaps of fun~! ^^ I'm cosplaying as Inazuma (One Piece) the first two days, and will probably do Miku (Vocaloid) the third. =3 I can't wait~! X33

Well that's all for now, I guess, so hooroo~! ^^ Have a super awesometastic day, guys~! X3

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