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Monday, May 18, 2009

   Our Only Chance Of Survival Is To Jump Into This Erupting Volcano!
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Oh my golly, it's been forever since an update! O.O; So sorry. ^^; *bows* Guess I'd better start talkin'. I'll try to keep it kinda short cuz sometimes my posts get reeaaally long. ^^;

Well! First off, I have been officially DONE with school for about a week. X3 I successfully made it through my first year of college. Huzzah~! *cheers and throws confetti* It's such a relief! ^^ No more homework or tests or essays to worry about. It's pretty darn fantastic~! So I've been able to catch up on some sleep and do a little drawing and such. ^^

Second, since the job I've been working at the library is a "during school only" job, I've had to apply for a new one for the summer. I really don't want to work, but I really need the money. -.- So I've actually wound up with two jobs. o.o; Both are at country stores, and I'll probably be doing the same thing in both (working the register, mostly). I'm still in training mode cuz I've never had a real job before. ^^; Haha...Right now, my schedules are very conflicting, so I've got to figure something out with them before I get really committed to them. Wish me luck!

Third! I finally got to see the new Star Trek movie yesterday! X333 It was awesome~!! I snuggled my Spock plushie the whole time. XD At first, I was a little doubtful when I heard they were making a new movie cuz I was like, "Oh, it won't be the same with new actors", but then I saw some previews and read a little about it and started to get excited. ^^ So I finally got to see it, and I was actually quite pleased. It was very exciting! And I liked all the little things they put in there from The Original Series, like the characters' trademark lines and stuff. X3 That made me super happy~! I'm probably gonna see it again with some of my friends. Yay!

So there you have a very brief update on what I've been up to since you last heard from me. ^^ Hopefully, I'll be able to start updating more frequently now that I don't have schoolwork to worry about. Just regular work now...ugh... Anywho~, I guess that's all for now~! Hooroo for now, you guys~! <3

P.S. I think I may change my theme soon. I just have to decide on what it should be...Hmm...

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