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Monday, March 9, 2009

   Steampunk Monocle and Happy Birthday
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY~!! ^^ How is everybody today? Gosh, it's been a loooong time since my last post, but school's been keeping me super busy still. -.-; It sucks, but hey, I only have one week left before it's spring break. ^^ Yay!! *does a happy dance* Just one more week of school to get through first...! Let's hope it goes by quickly! ^^ Now then, on with the latest news~:

It's anime birthday time~!! ^^ February 18th was Tilestone's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU CRAZY SHIPWRIGHT! XD MAN, I SHOULD'VE POSTED THEN CUZ THE WHOLE THING WOULD'VE BEEN WRITTEN IN CAPS LOCK IN HIS HONOR! LOL. BUT OH WELL...I SEND HIM MY BEST WISHES ANYWAY! X3 OK, so today, we have another b-day. Everybody say: Happy birthday, Franky~!! X333 *cheers and throws confetti* w00t!! So in Franky's honor, don't wear pants today! XD Lol! Don your speedos and celebrate~! *puts on speedo and Hawaiian shirt and strikes a pose* Awesome~! ^-^d My sis Zenon1293 and I will be celebratin' super hard; you can count on that~! And we both know Iceburg's gonna be giving Franky a very special pressie for his b-day~... ;D Heeheehee!

On Saturday, my bro and I got together with our dear friend Screamin' Sally to celebrate Franky's special day. ^^ It's become a tradition of ours to do that, and this is the third year. *nods* It was heaps of fun~! We spent the day in Northampton, which has all sorts of cool stores, and we bought icey-cream and cakes that were super yummy~! X3 My tummy was quite pleased. It was great to see her again cuz it's certainly been a while since we've been able to get together.

So now allow me to explain my post title. While we were in town, Sally found half a pair of broken glasses in an alleyway we passed, and was like, "Hey! This could be a monocle! 8D" So she kept it and wore it the rest of the time we were there. XD; She decided that it was a very steampunk styled item, so she's gonna fix it up a little. ^^ It actually did look pretty cool. It reminded me of what Hakkai from Saiyuki wears. So yeah, steampunk monocles are gonna be in style this year. XD (I have the other half of the glasses, but it has no lens, so I'll probably get a new one.)

Anywho~, that's all that leaps to mind right now, so I guess I should head to bed, since it's 3:18 AM and I have school today. ^^; Nighty-night, everyone! Love you all! Hooroo for now~!

Happy Birthday, Franky!

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