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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Goodness, it's been too long since my last post! o.o; Well, I've got a couple updates, then. =3 The good news is, this week's my last week of school before winter break! ^^ Yosha! *dances* But unfortunately, that means I have to endure finals first. Bleh. But luckily, it hasn't been too bad so far. Last week, I had an Art History test and a History paper due, so those are over and done with. There was no final in English, and I just had my Astronomy exam yesterday evening. Now I just have to spend all day writing an Asian Philosophy paper to turn in tomorrow, and I'll be all set. Then I can finally relax. ^^ Huzzah! On Friday evening, my bro and I are going to our friend's Christmas party, so that should be heaps of fun. I might be going shopping with KittyMeowMeow that morning, too, so that'd be cool. We'd be going to one of the places she works at so that she can get discounts on the clothes for me! XD Mwahaha! Finally, I'll be able to get new clothes that are actually affordable~! -^^- All the "new" stuff I currently have is actually hand-me-downs from my friends... ^^; So I might actually get something genuinely new for a change. Though I have a lot of clothes already... >.>; I'm just tired of some of them. I should really go through my closet...Perhaps that will be a vacation project. =3

Anyway, in bigger news, there was a /really/ bad ice storm last week, and it slammed our town pretty heavily. Everything was covered in ice, tons of trees were down, and many towns lost power. Of course, once you go down the mountain, everything's perfectly fine and ice-free. -.-; But up here, things were in really bad shape. We didn't have electricity at my house for four days. T_T Luckily, we have a wood stove, so we stayed warm, and had food that we could cook on it, but there were no lights and no running water. Plus, no electricity = no internet (hence my lack of comments). We managed, though, and /finally/ got our power back yesterday morning just before noon. And let me say, a shower has never felt more refreshing. :3 (Though we did manage to stay clean during the power outage cuz we bought jugs of water and sponge bathed. It's not the same as a real shower, that's for sure.) So things are returning to normal around here, and all the ice has melted. Now it's just a matter of cleaning up the damage. I took pictures of what it looked like when everything was all icey, so I'll upload them soon and show you guys what our yard was like. *nodnod* It's kinda cool, in its own way. ^^

Alrighty, I guess that's all the news I have for now. I'd better get to bed (it's 4:25 AM) so I'll be ready to start writing that paper later. >.>; Righto, bye-byesies, everyone~! ^^ It's good to be back online~!

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