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Friday, October 17, 2008

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Soooo, it's 1:21 AM, and I just finished studying. I've had three tests this week, and it's only been a four-day week! -.-; It hasn't been easy. So much to remember...! @_@ Tuesday was my Art Survey test, which just required remembering a lot of dates and stuff about ancient works of art. I'm pretty sure I did well on that one. *hopes* Then on Wednesday, I had the first half of my History midterm (defining key terms), and today I'll have the second half (an essay). Wish me luck~! ^^ I've studied so much this week...It's been exhausting. Not to mention I've still had to do work in the other classes I don't have tests in. I can fall asleep like that! *snaps fingers* Sleep deprivation is no fun... ^^; I'm sooooo glad it's almost the weekend~! -^^- I really need it. And I don't have a ton of homework to do, so that's even better! Yay! So tonight, I'm celebrating by going to Roy Mustang's Halloween party~! X3 Should be fun stuff! Then on Saturday, Rayo is having a party, too, and I'll get to go to that! ^^ I can't wait~! It'll be nice to have a chance to relax. If you can call partying relaxing. XD Heehee! It's gonna be great, though. =3 Okies, well, I guess I oughtta get to bed now so I'll be ready for that test... >.> Hooroo for now, you guys~! Hope you all have super weekends, too! ^^


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