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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

   Wedding Bells~
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Wowey, so guess what?? Today isn't my first day of school! ^^ It's just like a welcoming party sort of thingy; classes aren't 'till tomorrow. w00t! One more day of vacation! X3 *does a happy dance* It's my bro's first day of school today, though. He's a senior now. Gosh...his last year of high school already... He says he's kind of looking forward to going back and seeing all his friends again, but admits that the excitement's probably only gonna last the first couple days. ^^; Lol. Oh well.

So anyway, the wedding I mentioned the other day was absolutely fantastic~!! X3 It was sooooo much fun!! Mmkay, so I drove to the park and got there at 11:30 AM, and noticed when I went in there was a sign that said "Wedding -->". So I was like, "Wha? O.o" Turns out there was a "real" wedding going on there, in the same place I was planning to have mine. -.-; So I got out and went searching for my friends, but they were nowhere in sight. So I went back to the car thinking that maybe they weren't allowed there cuz of the wedding that had just taken place. So I was gonna go to the other end of the park to see if anyone was there, but I noticed Croquet's jeep in another little car park and pulled in there and began my search again. All in all, I was looking for about 15-20 minutes (and getting really frustrated, mind you, cuz I was already late getting there in the first place) before I ran into Dr. Shamal and was like, "Oh, thank gods, it's you! *desperately clings to him*" So he led me to the others, who were indeed in a different part of the park (by the pond with the ducks and geese). Our merry little group of cosplayers consisted of Michelle (Adult Lambo (the one marrying me!)), Croquet (Tsuna), Wolfy (Yamamoto), Jonsh (Hibari), Anthony (Dr. Shamal), Rayo (Reborn), Domingo (L), Missy (Roy Mustang), Neelie (Ed Elric), and Brandon (as himself, lol).

'K, so our first mission was to find a place to hold the ceremony. We wandered for a while until we came across an open building sort of thing that had a stage and a row of chairs set up for an audience and decided that that was perfect. ^^ It took a while to get things ready, since we hadn't really planned too far ahead, but eventually it came together. ^-^d Tsuna was my best man, Yamamoto was Lambo-chan's man of honor, Shamal did the ceremony, Brandon provided the music, Ed was the flower boy, Roy was the ring bearer, and our three audience members took pictures. After the ceremony, which turned out to be pretty quick (Lambo looked so pretty in "his" princess dress! X3), we headed back to my car to retrieve the cake. ^^ There was a nice little enclosure near the car park where sat around and ate it, and then engaged in a game of Mafia. After that, Lambo said her bro would be coming to pick her up soon, so we had to do a photo shoot before she left. Aaaaand well...we got some pretty great ones! XD And by great, I mean naughty. Lol. When that was done, we went on a journey to the other end of the park, where Lambo's bro was waiting. It was sad that she had to go so soon, but we had a supa time with her! ^^ *huggles Lambo*

So we just hung around the near the playground after that until around 4:00 PM, when we decided it was time for food. So we went back to the other side of the park again, organized what we were getting, where we were getting it, and who was going to get it. Everyone chipped in money, and Tsuna and I went to fetch the food from the sushi restaurant. ^^ We brought back drinks, too, cuz we realized no one had any. So after a delicious feast of sushi, which made my tummy super happy, Tsuna made an innocent suggestion that Brandon took seriously, so we went back to the duck pond. She said something along the lines of "You should see what happens when you feed a duck wasabi", so of course Brandon, being the person he is, thought it would be a great idea. ^^;; Well, we found out that ducks react to it's spiciness the same way humans do. That poor duck had to keep washing its mouth out with water. Aww... But it was OK. ^^ By then it was nearing 6:30, so we decided that we should all start heading home. We said bye to everyone and I thanked them all, and then I drove Reborn home before returning home myself. I got there a little after 7:00. And then I had a meat pie when I got there, which is one of my favorite foods. My day was just filled with delicious things~! -^^-

And that was my supa dupa awesome yaoi cosplay wedding! ^^ *cheers* It was heaps of fun~! X333 And now Roy and Ed have decided that they're going to have a wedding, too~! I'm getting excited for that already! They've already begun planning. It's given me something to look forward to later this month. I can't wait! ^^

Mmkay, well this post is long enough as it is, so I guess I'll finish it off here. ^^; Congrats to me and Lambo!! X3 Teehee!

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