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Sunday, August 31, 2008

  HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Wowey! I haven't had a chance to post in a while. ^^; Sorry. *bows* Anyway, this week's been kinda busy. Sadly, the end of summer is approaching. T_T I start my first day of college on Sept. 2nd. *sighs* I really don't wanna... I just want it to be summer forever...! T^T If only.... v.v I've enjoyed it so much. I know some people have already started school, and I hope that it's been going well for you guys so far. ^^ Kemo's been enjoying college in NY so far (I got to talk to him on the phone recently), and my friend Screamin' Sally's going off, too. But luckily, she's only about an hour away. ^^ It's just one of those schools where you /have to/ live on campus. =/ But at least we can visit her. ^^ Huzzah~!

So, I have an interesting story from Friday night. Or perhaps I should say, "Yeah, funny story..." to quote Wolfy. XD Heehee! 'K, so I went to a sleepover at my friend Emilyn's house along with some of my other friends from the group that went to Australia a couple years back. It was me, Em, Croquet, Wolfy, and Kitty all camped out in a tent in the backyard cuz Emilyn's house is too small to fit us all. ^^; Anyway, we lugged the TV and her PS2 out there and set 'em up in the tent. So, Emilyn showed us Okage: Shadow King. And lemme just say that that game is /hilarious/~!! I mean, I guess we made it funnier than it actually was, but still! It was great! XD So you know that bottle that Evil King Stan is in? Yeah...according to Croquet it's a hookah, which Ari's dad is obsessed with. ^^; Ari's sister Annie ended up being...well...a whore. ^^;; And she had the key to the church in her...well...I think you can guess. XD While we were playing, we found out that when Wolfy says, "So yeah, funny story.." it's actually not a funny story at all, and is probably something bad. Everything we talked about while playing was pretty crazy, and resulted in statements like, "Yeah, funny story...I was smoking the hookah at the lesbian pot party, and I couldn't find my keys. So I looked around and they were in Annie's vagina." Yeeaaahh... >.>; But it was hilarious! XDDD I love those guys! X3 We definitely have to do something like that again soon!

Well, today is gonna be another busy day. I'm gettin' married! X3 OK, not really. ^^; It's a cosplay wedding. My character (Gokudera) is getting married to Michelle's (Adult Lambo). ^^ So we're going to the park, and everyone's gonna come in cosplay and we're gonna have a "wedding ceremony." Should be fun~! ^^ We're doing it to promote Gokudera x Lambo love as well, since that's our favorite Reborn! pairing, but unfortunately, it's pretty rare. So we must spread the love~! X3 Heehee! I'm excited about it! ^^ We'll be sure to take heaps of pictures~! ^-^d

Uwah! I just realized! Tomorrow's my last day of vacation! D'X Awww, poo! T^T Guess I'd better enjoy it to it's fullest. I'll try to post again soon, guys. :3 Hooroo for now~!

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