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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

   OH MY GAWD!! Is This Butter Kosher??
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ So that sleepover I mentioned? Fantastic!! It was actually Sunday-Monday, but whatever. Anywho, like all sleepovers with Kemo and Croquet, this one was hilarious fun! ^^ We were inspired by that picture of Xanxus and Lussuira below while we were Pictochatting on our DS's, and things got pretty crazy after that. ^^; Lussuria's voice was totally reinvented! XD Kemo suddenly decided that Lussi-kun should have the voice of a stereotypical New York Jewish woman, only his impression was anything but female. It was really low and totally unsuited for Lussuria...and yet somehow, at the same time, it fit him perfectly. Somewhere along the lines, Marmon got a new voice, too. My bro's impression of him was this high-pitched "I'mma bust a cap in yo ass, mofo!" kind of thing. And we just laughed our butts off! XD It was /hilarious/!! Kemo's best line was the totally random, "You know what I love on my pancakes? Butta." I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. ^^ So we wrote Kemo and Bellamy a script and recorded their voices on Croquet's laptop. We wanna try to get episode clips sometime so we can dub over the Varia's voices with their "new and improved" ones. ^^ Croquet and I are gonna get in on the voice acting, too, eventually. We were just too busy laughing at Kemo and Bellamy this time! It was awesome!!

The only sad thing is, that could be our last sleepover for a while. T_T Tomorrow, Kemo's leaving for New York to go to college. *sniffle, sob* He'll be five hours away, so we're only gonna get to see him when he comes for holidays and stuff. ;_; Our group won't be the same without him!! T^T We're all missing him, and he hasn't even left yet... Of course it's not like we're completely losing contact with him! Definitely not! ^^ We'll still have fun, even from afar. So I guess I should be hoping for the best for him, rather than be sad. Best of luck, Kemo! You're gonna be great!! As long as your boa doesn't clash with the rest of your outfit! XD

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